Bow And Drape

19 Apr 19
Sewing Porcelain Dolls

So as I’m scrolling though IG, I pass some gorgeous colors of a new fabric line and an “apply if you want to be part of my blog tour…” message and think “might as well give it a shot”. Wow, wasn’t I pleasantly surprised when I opened my email and Jessica Swift had invited me […]

19 Apr 19
Vishii Designer Boutique

These days, everyone is shopping in the malls or high end designer shops just to say its easy. But clothes varies in terms of quality and designs. Suddenly u go to a shop or a mall and spot other women wearing the same top or same saree u have. This exact thing happened to me […]

19 Apr 19

I am 18 and I can’t boil rice so I am abominable. My mum says I am adapting to the times but my Luddite stepdad scorns our procedure; the shame of his Port-au-Prince mum always descends from her heavens into his face at the doorway to our walkthrough kitchen. WhatsApp conversations have already thrown into […]

18 Apr 19

Feature Writer: Amanda / Feature Title: Mesmerism / Uploaded: 2006 Copyright: This story is copyright Amanda 2006 © please do not reproduce this work without my prior approval as it is close to my heart. Author’s Notes: This story contains sexual situations that should not be read by anyone who is either not old enough […]

17 Apr 19
Bulletin Board

The Permanent Family Record The Gram With a Thousand Rules: “On Easter afternoon in 1970, we took a posed photo of our two youngest kids looking like sweet little cherubs . . .

17 Apr 19
If I Was A Stylist

“To camp is a mode of seduction — one which employs flamboyant mannerisms susceptible of a double interpretation; gestures full of duplicity.” Susan Sontag, “Notes on ‘Camp’.” In today’s society instead of using ‘Camp’ as a verb we call it peacocking. It is that art of being extra, for lack of a better and more […]

17 Apr 19
European Summer Adventure 2018

First we went to the Basilica of San Lorenzo. Inside the basilica are the Medici Chapels. The Basilica of San Lorenzo is located on the site of the first Christian church in Florence. It was built ouside the Roman walls and consecrated in the year AD 393, then rebiult in the early 1400s. That is […]

16 Apr 19
Red Sky At Night

their fingertips drag scars across skin forcing your boundaries apart stench of iron-rusted blood drapes the room, lingering, lingering the sound of breathless lungs echo in the closed space, between you and them you and them the resolution of bouquets wrapped tight bow around your neck once snug, now tight, now forever door slams close, […]

15 Apr 19
A Pinch of Sewing

Sewing for Summer is my absolute favourite. It might not be the wisest, as we only get about 2 months of it, but still it is what I like to make and wear the most. So, it seems only right that I started sewing summer dresses back in February, right? This particular dress was made […]

15 Apr 19
Jeff Kamangara

In this week’s segment of the anatomy series, I would like to briefly showcase some of the major bones of the upper torso in detail. I’m going to focus on the rib-cage in addition to the bones that attach to it i.e: The scapulae and the clavicle.   The Rib-cage The rib-cage is the main […]

14 Apr 19

CLOTHES symbolize of our aura. They reveal our intentions, the different kinds of energy that we emanate and radiate as qualities and virtues. They represent our activities, our social status, our moods (soul-states). They may also play a protective role. When we know how to sense, how to feel an atmosphere and ambiance, how to […]

14 Apr 19
Book Play Everyday

Five friends decide to go for a boat ride… This book is a who done it for preschoolers.  Will they be able to figure out who sank the boat?  Materials Plastic lids of various sizes. A dishwashing tub Naptime mat or blanket Boat picture for writing center Boat picture to cut around for art Vocabulary […]

12 Apr 19
In Red-coat Rags Attired

First, the migration of posts and media from my other blogs continues with a good portion of the content now here. Everything (text, tags, categories, media) automatically gets sorted by date so if a post was dated as March 1, 2016 it came here as the same date and inserted as such. Very convenient. I […]

12 Apr 19
Steffi Tad-y

Cruel Strokes   (Remembering the Negros 14)   When I found out that my tongue could be a scythe on a shearing spree,   I decided I will only eat what would make my mouth bloom.   Later on I learned, that to speak only in flowers in a field like this   is the […]

12 Apr 19
Allanova: Buddha, Shakespeare & Discount Cigarettes

Many Ray was listening while the cool water jumps and out comes New England like Sri, a dull mattress “all freezes and cross hammer, where the ‘when’ systems coordinate”-(like the avid truth of bough star) Hit a pin on that temper! Mr. Solace and his rule book. Closest was our potency “I’m a will reader, […]

11 Apr 19

Classic sheath cut from printed lawn, fully lined with side drape and hip bow, back walking slit and button over snap back closure. The matching headpiece is finished with self bow and stamens. The handbag is shell pink mirror patent and finished with gold-tone hardware. A pair of mid length white gloves complete the ensemble. […]