26 Jun 19
Shelley Engwirda

I wonder if women’s position in society has anything to do with Human Resource (HR) Management.  In the past, those who have held the belief that women’s work was within the home while men worked outside the home. Home Duties required less ? manual work, while outside jobs required more braun, apparently! Its just good […]

26 Jun 19
CBS Philly

A South Jersey community is outraged after a popular playground was torched and destroyed.

26 Jun 19
World Solutions -- extra edition --

The Battle for Bahrain: Iranian-Saudi Rivalry | Simon Mabon @MidEastPolicy Bahrain FM: Confronting Iran is more important than Palestine (02/15/2019) | @MiddleEastMnt Axis Rising: Iran’s Evolving Regional Strategy and Non-State Partnerships in the Middle East (w PDF; 10/11/2018) | Brian Katz @CSIS Iran’s sophisticated interventions in Bahrain (04/09/2018) | DR. MAJID RAFIZADEH […]