22 May 19
KDJ Blog

LocalLive is the official home for Section 1 tournament broadcasts and will be streaming 8 championship games live this week. All four boys and four girls lacrosse title games will be available on to watch at no charge and are available live and onDemand. Game broadcasts are being provided by Lakeland and Fox Lane […]

21 May 19
Mark 4 Libertas

May Madness is upon us! May is where seasons go to die. The process of attrition started two weeks ago with four conferences’ (Ivy League, Mid-Eastern Athletic, Patriot League, Southwestern Athletic) seasons coming to an end. Phase two happened last week as all the remaining conferences regular seasons, except for the Pac 12 and Big […]

20 May 19
Disaffected Musings

“There are more things in heaven and Earth…than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” – Shakespeare ****************** Welcome to the beginning of the reveal of my highly idiosyncratic Ultimate Garage 2.0. In some instances I cannot really articulate why I included or excluded a particular car. As this Ultimate Garage is larger than the first […]

18 May 19
KDJ Blog

Every result from the Section 1 baseball was being tracked here for the Bracketology playoff standings. And we are also tracking every score for the season. Below is a look inside all of the data collected: Ranking the highest scoring offenses in the section, the fewest runs allowed, strength of schedule, and other statistical data. […]

16 May 19
It Happened in Oregon...

March Madness, arguably the most fitting colloquialism describing the NCAA Division 1 basketball tournament, is to some a disease that has no cure. The only known treatment for this affliction is to do whatever it takes to watch as many games as possible. The term dates to the time of the first NCAA tourney, although […]

15 May 19
Augusta Free Press

A series win over then-#5 Louisville has UVA Baseball back on the good side of the NCAA Tournament bubble.

07 May 19

NFCA/USA Today D1 Week 13 Top 25 USA Softball/ESPN Week 13 Top 25 Softball America Top 25 Fast Pitch News Top 25 Ole Miss/UGA series marred by illegal pitches Fast Pitch News Bracketology 5.0 Taran Alvelo named USA Softball POW Felder,Alvelo,Fiser named NFCA D1 POW NJCAA D1 Rankings NJCAA D2 Rankings NJCAA D3 Rankings

07 May 19
Mark 4 Libertas

Another tumultuous week in NCAA D1 baseball brings us to yet another tour of each conference and how things look AS IT STANDS right now in college baseball. If you’re on top of your conference, you get the automatic bid. If you’re well below .500 in conference, you’re out, I don’t care how high your […]

21 May 19
KDJ Blog

The Section 1 softball committee released the official tournament brackets on Tuesday afternoon. They are below. All numbers and brackets matched what had been posted all season on Bracketology. Find the standings here: Bracketology: Section 1 Softball standings here. Bracketology was based on the scores reported: Scores/Schedule: 2019 Section 1 softball page. Bracketology is powered […]

04 May 19
Public Education Blog for UCD ENGL 2060 This article from the New Yorker by author Kathryn Schultz is perhaps the very first article that made me want to go creative non-fiction. I’ll never forget coming across this article while reading at the gym between biceps curls. The line that instantly shook me “One of the strangest things about the human mind […]

03 May 19
JMU Sports News

JMU softball’s regular season comes to a close this weekend.

01 May 19

Softball America D1 Top 25 NFCA/USA Today Top 25 USA Softball/ESPN Top 25 Fast Pitch News D1 Top 25 JMU’s Oddicci Alex is JWOS POW Canfield,Sims named NFCA POW Fast Pitch News Bracketology 4.0

17 May 19
KDJ Blog

The official Section 1 baseball brackets were released by the tournament committee on Friday morning. They are below. All seeds matched what had been posted on Bracketology throughout the season. Final Bracketology: Section 1 Baseball standings here. Find all of the Scores/Schedule: 2019 Section 1 baseball page. Bracketology is powered by LocalLive. Visit to […]

25 Apr 19
MCH Bracketology

With the Indians’ second-best hitter struggling, and the rest of the lineup in poor shape, what positivity can Clevelanders find in the Tribe?