Brain Ape

14 Dec 18
Setting the Record Straight

Why do idle hands do the devil’s work? The simple truth is that it’s fun. Crime is fun. Being able to fuck someone over and get away with it is a blast. If you’ve never, for example, beaten a man senseless for hitting on your girl, let me tell you: It feels incredible.* The evil […]

13 Dec 18
Becoming Overhuman

I I feel like I have something to say, so I start to write. But the ideas in my head remain unformed and I have trouble putting them out. What is it that I want to say? II How do you have a good life? This is a question that many people try to answer […]

13 Dec 18

Today, Philipp Gunz and colleagues have published a real milestone for paleoneurology: a comprehensive analysis integrating brain anatomy and paleogenetics to identify the genes involved in brain form differences between modern humans and Neanderthals. They compute an individual globularization index for a very large modern human sample size, and then look for the effect of […]

13 Dec 18
Filbanto Stew

“Ok, Goro time for the debrief.” Suki says tossing her empty bottle onto the growing pile of trash that hides the room’s only garbage can. “I just don’t get it. The first half of the mission goes without a hitch and then you totally fuck up what should have been the easy part.” “I got […]

13 Dec 18
Healthymemory's Blog

The title of this post is identical to the title of an article by Ramin Skibba in the Health and Science Section of the 11Dec 2018 issue of the Washington Post. The article notes that the first main advantage involves what is referred to as executive function. This includes skills that allow us to control, […]

13 Dec 18

I have to admit that I was a bit infuriated when the remake of Toki for Nintendo Switch had finally come out. Not because there’s anything wrong with the choice of game, the quality of the remake or God forbids, with the original Toki itself which was a superb little arcade whose qualities had only […]

13 Dec 17
The Cinemaholic

Our minds are screening rooms, equipped with a projector, able to play what we have experienced over and over. I have thousands of such scenes locked forever in my mind, and each year a few more are added. These are the scenes that have lodged their way into the landscape of my mind for 2017. […]

13 Dec 18
John Dabell

Do cockatoos have better problem solving skills than young children?

13 Dec 18
Only Nature Lives Forever

Zwarte Piet wiede wiede wiet, ik hoor je wel maar ik zie je niet. Klop maar aan de deur bij mij, want dat vind ik reuzefijn. Vishnuh-Society …..       By Gurubesar: Lancar Ida-Bagus ** They love the Netherlands; they say. But I have a dark black suspicion that the Kick-out guests are as hypocritical […]

13 Dec 18

INTOWN REPORT for 12/13/18 – 12/19/18 THURSDAY, 12/13 Alex’s – Death Valley Girls, Egrets on Ergot, Girl Tears, + The Vivids Belasco – Amber Liu The Blvd – Human Obliteration, He Died, SMD, Nerve Grind, Splatterface, Poughkeepsie DG, + Impenitent Existence Bootleg – Easy, Palm Springsteen, + Bass Drum of Death Cinema Bar – Vista […]

12 Dec 18
Dreamer in the Mirror

Tarzan Based on the Tarzan of the Apes novels (which I have never read), it is considered the last movie of the Disney Renaissance. The film features Glenn Close as Kala, Brian Blessed (a famous British actor who I am not as familiar as some of my compatriots) as Clayton, and Rosie O’Donnell as Terk. […]

12 Dec 18

Stop the attempted cooption of Mr Blobby. Cease and desist. We cannot allow his narrative to be rewritten by the powers that be.  A sacrilegious article over at has suggested that Blobby will be entitled to some sort of state funeral when he dies, as well as suggesting that he is the product of […]