21 May 19

My mind is awhirl Over the past month, I’ve had the pleasure of attending both Eastercon 2019 and the Milford Writing Retreat at Trigonos, and my mind is awhirl with ideas. I find enormous benefit in talking to other writers, not necessarily about anything in particular, but I find that each conversation opens windows and […]

20 May 19
Living With Head (Brain) Injury Following on from and Just trying to sort out my messages, together with links in my many (+- 150) email folders (Mozilla Thunderbird, btw) and get the jumble/muddle a bit more in order. I may perhaps turn into a short book. So here’s a first (small step) enjoy anyway c PS “The […]

20 May 19
nordbean speaks

Forgive the asshole title and hear me out, okay? If you’re like me and you just finished the Game of Thrones finale, you might be feeling some happy – but mixed – emotions. Was it poor taste to have Daenerys die so easily?  Is the ‘mad queen’ arc supporting outdated stereotypes? Who is Arya’s ‘green […]

18 May 19
Nick Marulli's blog

Do I have to deal with this now? It’s Saturday, 18 May, 2019. I’m sitting here in my living room, on an amazing Saturday morning, doing laundry and preparing to fly to Oklahoma early tomorrow morning for a visit with my daughter Melanie and my son-in-law John. I’m so happy to be gong to see […]

17 May 19
Sisi & Bhuti

Or, some of my conspiracy theories: Kanye is orchestrating an incredibly elaborate plot that only I have cracked. You see, he worked out (right around the time he worked out GWB doesn’t care about black people) that only white people get listened to. So he married Kim and slowly chipped away at her silicone to […]

16 May 19

My internship orientation was just splendid. City Weekley is completely suigeneris (just learned that word today, so I hope it’s appropriate). Their offices are in downtown Salt Lake, on 248 Main Street. Full admission, I almost like this internship based on it’s geographic location. It’s smack dab in the middle of the urban culture and […]

15 May 19
personal diary

ah, laughing at how i thought things were going well but here’s a bitch slap of reality: my happiness will forever be short lived. i really know how to fuck up. im a master at making myself feel miserable. im the one who always messes up, and then has to deal with the consequences of […]

15 May 19
Sonia SO and Associates

Hi all, I am currently enrolled in a graduate scheme for one of those bodyshop Indian IT consulting firms allocated to a decent client in London. I have graduated recently with an engineering degree and worked as a software engineer for 3 months before accepting this job. My current role is mind numbing. I manage […]

09 May 19
robert's space

an evil braincell will ruin the body it’s in without assisstance from outrside or computers.

08 May 19

Ladies and gentlemen, males and females, cephalopods and specimen of many kind, I believe the time has finally come I awaken from my 1000 year power nap. Unlike the simplistic one word negative braincell alphabetical combination signifiers my coworkers have selected as their online identities, I have gone above and beyond the line of duty, […]

06 May 19
Sisi & Bhuti

TV always feels like a waste of time and braincells, and yet I persist. I like having background noise to distract me from my thoughts. Also right now I’m watching a telenovela and that’s basically a language class. Also I’m only half watching which is even more of a challenge, for multiple reasons. Anyway, TV […]

05 May 19
fran Brammer

LIMBO. I am amusing myself with the big stonelandscape- now called Bob. I have worked hard on it but it still feels as if I am waiting for the some thing else to happen.   Setting up for the sale event this coming weekend is not helping me to focus – selecting and hanging the work […]

04 May 19
Mental Health and Other Stuff

Wow, it’s been a MINUTE since I’ve written something on here. I’ve been busy with schoolwork, reality TV, and spending my free time doing a lot of nothing, but still believing that I’m too busy to write. For the greater part of this year, I’ve been going to the gym consistently and actually enjoying it. […]