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02 Jan 19
Finding Joy in the Journey

Happy New Year, y’all! I’ve spent the day doing one of my favorite things ever, reading. I decided to begin reading a book that might encourage me to embrace my singleness and pursue my relationship with Christ, so I read Party of One: Truth, Longing, and the Subtle Art of Singleness by Joy Beth Smith. […]

18 Dec 18
Homebound But Hopeful

Alright guys. I can be honest. My kids are spoiled. [NOT spoiled brats mind you, but a bit spoiled, sure.] Truly, I think a lot of kids these days grow up with MORE than enough. Working in social media, companies often send us toys to check out or books to read… That all adds up as the […]

13 Dec 18

Hey guys, I am back with my November Hits & Misses, a bit late I know, but better late than never eh? 😝 I have quite a few favourites this month, some are rediscoveries and some are products that I have had for a while but have been stand outs for me recently.  There are quite a […]

14 Nov 18
Fashion | Beauty | Travel

Merry Christmas!!!!!!! Basically…. you can kind of expect for my intros to say something about Christmas until New Years… it’s my favorite holiday. Sorry, not really. As you can see, today’s post is about gift guides! This gift guide will have gifts for everyone including your aunt Donna and nephew Jack that live 400 miles […]

02 Oct 18
Graphic Policy

Check out this week’s new comic releases as provided by Previews. As always, check with your local shop as to the availability of items. Highlights for the week include Blackbird #1, Dead Rabbit #1, Die!Die!Die! #3, Errand Boys #1, Jook Joint #1, The Magic Order #4, Me the People, The Walking Dead #184, Death Orb #1, […]

28 Sep 18

How to Oktoberfest like a Local This time of year, people flock from all over the world to attend one of the largest and most famous drinking festivals in the world – Oktoberfest. While most people think of Munich when they hear Oktoberfest (and it is the most famous location), these actually happen all over […]

16 Sep 18
Prone to Wander

Yes, I know the title of this post is bizzare. And yes, I do realize I haven’t written a blog post in forever. But first things first and I’ll get to my actual post. This summer, I worked at a camp for children and adults with special needs called Camp Spearhead in Marrietta, SC. My […]

13 Sep 18
I Like That Ish

This is the third post in the FOMO series, addressing how FOMO has caused me to put my finances in the sh*tter by creating terrible spending habits.

03 Sep 18

Fireplace It is officially football time in Tennessee which means let the fall decor begin!! I love to decorate my home and this all started when I lived at home with my mom. I have always liked new ways to decorate my room and I was constantly changing my decor. She can attest to that […]

27 Aug 18
The Impulsive Buy

Here are some interesting new and limited edition products found on store shelves by your fellow readers. If you’ve tried any of the products, share your thoughts about them in the comments. Member’s Mark Nacho Tots Member’s Mark BBQ Baked Beans with Brisket (Spotted by Robbie at Sam’s Club.) Campbell’s Chunky Maxx Beer Brat Loaded […]

16 Aug 18

EP 140 AUG. 14, 2018 Martin (Richard Yap) gets a chance to talk to Mona (Jodi Sta. Maria), while Juancho (Christopher de Leon) confronts Leo (Robin Padilla) about Lisa (Jodi Sta. Maria).     Juancho is blaming Sandra of what happened. TeenSis for JODI‏ @TeensisforJODI   Nagrereklamo na si Juancho kay Sandra about what happened Richard […]

14 Aug 18

It’s almost that time.  School is sneaking up on me.  And all I can see in my near future is a bunch of packing.  I spend a large portion of every morning packing.  Packing nap blankets, packing show and tell, water bottles, snow pants, mittens, permission slips, folders….and LUNCH.  But this year, my friends, this […]