22 Feb 19
Natty's Face

As a single parent, I’ve often had to be both mom and dad.  Don’t get me wrong, Braxton’s dad is definitely active in his life and loves him very much.  He lives out of state though and therefore my role can be complicated at times.  Also, as a boy mom I’ve often started with the […]

14 Feb 19

By Brax Download now from Itunes

14 Feb 19

Publisher: Mobtown Lowdown | Name of company: Mobtown drift The purpose for this news letter is to inform people of future events and also provide information of previous events. The news letter will open up to either a calendar or full size poster. The content will contain dates of events, driver’s names, personal stories from […]

13 Feb 19

[ooyala player_id=”5303db80d4274ad2b2ceadc3cffff2ae” auto=”true” width=”1920″ height=”1080″ pcode=”MxYjUyOnb8KHXFcDIFgvI4cxtHXW” code=”FkeTc5aDE6XPB4mGrneSl11IxW3bEQgC”] 1. Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park just announced three of the performing artists for the 2019 Fifth Third Bank Summer Concert Series, with plenty more to come. The lineup wall include Nahko and Medicine for the people on June 6, Rodrigo Y Gabriela on June 9, and […]

13 Feb 19

Wow I found out there is a site you can get free eBooks on. I got one the other day. There so many sites out now to get free books. Now authors run a special for one of their books to help readers all over the world find them. I decided to try it out […]

12 Feb 19

Dan DiDio, architect of the fabled Nu52, remains firmly in co-control of DC Comics, surviving multiple rounds of corporate reshufflings and layoffs to continue to lead the publisher into the future. This Sunday, ol’ Triple D will host a panel at Long Beach Comic Con in which he wants to talk about your favorite comic book […]

10 Feb 19
Gaming Conversations

Brax and DJ complain about the polar vortex, talk about the Lego Movie 2, and fly drones around the room. In between all that, they discuss hangups that don’t allow them to play certain races/classes in RPG’s and MMORPG’s. Enjoy! Audio: Download | Subscribe on iTunes | Stitcher

09 Feb 19
Randas rants and books

Book 3 of Always Series This hot novella wraps up the stories from Book 1–Brax and Kylie, Book 2–Selene and Ronan. Brax and Kylie have been married for a year. Nothing has simmered in the least. His alpha dirty talking still sizzles. This time Kylie has a bit of a surprise for Brax. How will […]

07 Feb 19
Adventure Family

Last year we spent the winter in the southern states (Alabama, Florida, South Carolina) and it was great. We avoided the freezing cold of Utah’s winters and got to spend Christmas on the beach, January in the Caribbean and doing the Disney thing and February on an island. Let’s just say we enjoyed it. But […]

04 Feb 19

Our three weeks of life between Japan and Italy were so memorable! Thanks to everyone who took the time to see us ❤

02 Feb 19

May isolation expand his mind and let the voices speak.

01 Feb 19
Gaming Conversations

Bretta’s Dream by Braxwolf: An ESO story with dramatic reading by Kash from the Loreseekers Podcast

01 Feb 19
More Matthews

Ok…full disclosure. No sugar coating. January seemed like the longest month in history for us. Just one month felt more like six months. I don’t know if it’s because the last few months were so busy for us, so it made January seem slower? Or if it’s because it’s just winter and there isn’t as […]

29 Jan 19
Thailand Footprint: Impressions left by the books, people, places and music of Thailand and South East Asia

We are all prisoners or explorers of our own geography. Thom and I now find ourselves in Thailand. But we carry our American experience with us wherever we go. You’ll get a taste of that unique experience in this short and sweet interview.

29 Jan 19
Blueknight V2.0

The above video is the video version of the review. But it does have some visual problems like moments of Extreme Pixelation and Reduced Resolutions due to the rendering software. For those outside the US & Canada use the below video. Well it’s been almost 3-years since Ratchet & Clank released in theaters back in […]