Breaking Up

21 Jul 19
Music Mecca

One of the most beautiful things about music are the infinite possibilities, and the ability to execute in a distinguished way. The Way Down Wanderers are no stranger to this notion, and blaze a path all their own. The Way Down Wanderers first and foremost are songwriters. Their music is bluegrass-centric, but their not pidgeon-holed […]

21 Jul 19
How to make friends with books

Technically, You Started It by Lana Wood Johnson The Art Of Breaking Things by Laura Sibson Georgia Peaches And Other Forbidden Fruit by Jaya Robin Brown I had a bad horrid friendship break up (again) but now i have my time back to engulf books once again and get back to book blogging. So there […]

21 Jul 19
Salt and Light

Wow, what a year it has been. Anxiety, depression, unsuccessful opportunities, and much more has taken place in my life. 2018 was the downfall of my life, but 2019 has been full of grace and God’s unchanging love. Recap of last year,  anxiety and depression brought me to my breaking point, and I just didn’t […]