21 Mar 19
Lynnee Breedlove

Welcome! This is the first blog post for Lynn Breedlove.

21 Mar 19
Ban Ban Ton Ton

Portland`s Musique Plastique collect the Avant-Funk experiments of Guerilla Welfare. Tunes harvested from the Canadian duo`s two late 80s LPs, and early 90s cassette. The press release cites Eno & Fripp, Fela Kuti, Bill Laswell, Steve Reich, and King Tubby, as sources of inspiration. Guerrilla Welfare’s percussive, Post-Punk, bass-driven Boogie has these ground-breaking folks shacked […]

20 Mar 19

[ooyala player_id=”e94d1153704449a897d545a2af16e53c” auto=”true” width=”1920″ height=”1080″ pcode=”tmYjUyOpmqOg5TkhqEqTlmc_gXKM” code=”owZjVoaDE6Z2nfJAjqRrU5pZsHD-u-X6″] Chef Keith Breedlove of the Culinerdy Cruzer is in the kitchen with Eric showing how you should brine your chicken for juicy flavors. [ooyala player_id=”e94d1153704449a897d545a2af16e53c” auto=”true” width=”1920″ height=”1080″ pcode=”tmYjUyOpmqOg5TkhqEqTlmc_gXKM” code=”U5ZzVoaDE6msUwg0Md8aYlzv83IQVIIg”]

20 Mar 19
Stewart Sound

  In my opinion, acoustic guitars are the best guitars to learn on. While it’s easier to press the strings of its electric counterpart, learning on an acoustic builds finger muscles and is less forgiving in other ways, making proper technique a priority from the get-go. That being said, I’m often asked which guitars I […]

19 Mar 19

When I think of Easter I think of dresses. I can remember being young and thinking about what kind of Easter dress I would wear. Each year my mom and I would go to the store and pick something out with new dress shoes. Even then it felt special to dress up and have something […]

19 Mar 19
Breedlove Land Planning News

Last month, Breedlove Land Planning helped celebrate the ‘topping out’ of the Grant Park Gateway project. Winter Johnson Group hosted the City of Atlanta Department of Parks and Recreation along with design and construction team members to commemorate this major construction milestone. As part of the design team, Breedlove Land Planning provides civil engineering services […]

18 Mar 19
News Archives Uk

On Monday March 18, 2019 at 16:41 CUMBERLAND – The upbeat club of the Cumberland Valley recently rewarded Keyser High School seniors, Zoe Litten and Kyle Breedlove, for their youth appreciation program. CUMBERLAND – The upbeat club of the Cumberland Valley recently rewarded Keyser High School seniors, Zoe Litten and Kyle Breedlove, for their youth […]

18 Mar 19
Discover great gay stories.

Started in the 1980s as a fabricated movement intended to ‘punk’ the punk scene, ‘Queercore’ quickly became a real-life cultural community of LGBTQ music and movie-making revolutionaries. From the start of the pseudo-movement to the widespread rise of pop artists who used queer identity to push back against gay assimilation and homophobic punk culture, the […]

18 Mar 19

I woke up 40 this morning. I had a lot of plans for the last year in my 30’s. Some of them I accomplished. Some of them I didn’t. Some of them I realized I just didn’t care about anymore. But that’s ok as with each year that I have grown older I have come […]

17 Mar 19
Data Quest

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18 Mar 19
Ella's Blog

Ella Van Dam Sheehy APE11 3/15/19 In The Bluest Eye, Toni Morrison tells the acutely miserable story of Pecola Breedlove and her highly dysfunctional family. Her father is a drunk and her mother a self-proclaimed martyr, and they frequently engage in explosive arguments. Her brother, Sammy, often intervenes in such fights and runs away from […]

15 Mar 19
Natchitoches Times

By Carolyn Roy, Mayor Lee Posey gave an update on projects in the City during an open forum following the City Council meeting Monday. Perhaps of the most interest is that a new Church Street Bridge project will not start for about three years. The environmental impact study will be complete in June. The […]

14 Mar 19
The Russophile

Weeks before the Democratic convention was upended by 20,000 leaked e-mails released through WikiLeaks, another little-known website began posting the secrets of a top NATO general, billionaire George Soros philanthropy and a Chicago-based Clinton campaign volunteer. Security experts now say that site,, with its spiffy capitol-dome logo, shows the marks of the same Russian […]

14 Mar 19
Outside The Know

The Trump Administration has drawn criticism for considering U.S. troop withdrawals from Afghanistan and Syria, but it’s considering at least one new permanent military base overseas. It even has a suggested name: “Fort Trump.” Under Secretary of Defense for Policy John Rood is in Warsaw, Poland this week to discuss the proposed base, which would […]