26 Nov 18
Fredericia AVISEN

Hverken for nye venskaber, sjov eller et godt liv. Det har skoleeleverne i Fjelsted Handrup lært her i efteråret, hvor de har arbejdet med temaet handicap og ligeværd. Eleverne har haft flere besøg af elever fra Skrillingeskolen og lavet film og formidling om emnet. Resultatet kan man opleve, når FN’s Handicapdag bliver markeret i Middelfart […]

04 Nov 18
EVS adventures at Brenderup Højskole

My favourite way of learning a language is by reading. Of course there are a lot of ‘easy to read’ books for language learners in several languages, but after a while it is good to start reading ‘real books’. I usually start with a volume of Harry Potter, since those books I know by heart, […]

28 Oct 18
Yellow Van Diesel

Here she is – my yellow beaut! A 2006 Transporter T5, 1.9 tdi short wheelbase. Why would we choose a T5 to travel in? When we bought her a couple years back, vanlife wasn’t on our radar. I needed a new car and we wanted a a weekend/holiday camper. We trawled the internet for weeks […]

23 Oct 18
EVS adventures at Brenderup Højskole

This is a post I should have written long ago, since it is about the training week that we had on the second week of September. But better late than never. 🙂 What is AFS? An NGO that deals with intercultural exchanges all around the world. (See e.g. the Danish, Hungarian, English local chapter.) What […]

19 Oct 18
EVS adventures at Brenderup Højskole

I mentioned already in the blog, that we have an inspirational quote in the teachers’ room: “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” On my first week here every time I saw it I laughed to myself: “hmm… maybe ten minutes ago?” Of course after 1,5 months it does not […]

18 Oct 18

Siguiendo la mitología nórdica, un árbol sagrado conecta los diferentes mundos existentes. La mayoría de los bosques en Fyn Island parecen hechizados. Esto no me sorprendió en la tierra de los cuentos de hadas de Hans Christian Andersen. Hace dos años, cuando la luna llena del eclipse del siglo estaba en el cielo, di un […]

15 Oct 18
EVS adventures at Brenderup Højskole

One of Brenderup Højskole’s characteristic is their focus on sustainability. It comes up again and again in the teaching and the daily life. They have an off-grid house, which means it is built in a way that it is self-sufficient: with solar energy, collected rainwater etc. See here: what is off-grid & BH’s off-grid house […]

25 Sep 18
EVS adventures at Brenderup Højskole

I know, I know, I have huge delays with the blog and I should write about a ton of things, but most of them is a big topic and I didn’t have the energy to start writing them. So let me try a shorter one. 🙂 Last week Thursday and Friday were so called theme […]

09 Sep 18
EVS adventures at Brenderup Højskole

When did this week run away? 😀 A lot of small things happened in the last few days but nothing bigger, so it is a bit hard to make a blog post about it. I started to get to know a lot of people. In the office I got editor access to the school’s Facebook […]

05 Sep 18
EVS adventures at Brenderup Højskole

If you wanna see pictures of my daily life here in Denmark, you can check out my Instagram as well:

02 Sep 18
EVS adventures at Brenderup Højskole

Finally, yesterday I have arrived to Brenderup 🙂 The first day was not without challenges, but today was much better. I am looking forward to start the work tomorrow. Yesterday my flight was at 7 am, so I had to get up at 3:30 am. I arrived to Billund Airport around 9 am, got my […]

29 Aug 18

Simply wished to provide you with a heads up as effectively, so you do not going doing the identical factor I did. I used to be going to go for 10 however I discovered these 14 to be probably the most primary whereas nonetheless being helpful and simple to repair often in an afternoon of […]

19 Aug 18
EVS adventures at Brenderup Højskole

Let me tell you a bit about how the application went. Usually with EVS projects you need to plan ahead. For project start 1st September, I had to send a CV and my application form (kind of a motivational letter, but there were questions prepared in advance – e.g. relevant work experiences, professional or voluntary, […]