19 Apr 19
Trina Bresser Matous

The guilty verdict to a crime Jesus did not commit and the resulting punishment that took this one man’s life is the focus of Good Friday. As believers we understand that Jesus’ death was a part of God’s redemptive plan for humanity. Death was not an unwilling outcome of Jesus’ life, but a planned sacrifice […]

19 Apr 19
LooMee TV

Die Freude bei Beatrice Egli ist groß – und auch bei ihren Fans, denn schon bald gibt es ihr neuestes Musikstück mit dem Titel „Terra Australia“. Auf „Instagram“ kündigte die Schlagersängerin neben einem Selfie an: „Meine Aufregung ist riesengroß. Denn (18.04.) meine neue Single Terra Australia erscheint. Der Soundtrack zu meiner Reise, ganz persönlich, ganz […]

18 Apr 19
market industry reports

The Astronomical Telescope market report is a complete research on the current state of the Astronomical Telescope market with a focus on the regional market. This report presents the global Astronomical Telescope market size (value, production, and consumption), splits the breakdown (data status 2013-2018 and forecast to ‘2025’), by manufacturers, region, type, and application. This study also analyzes […]

15 Apr 19
maximus photography

A lovely large sunspot is evolving on the Sun these days, with currently B-class flares and a possible breakup. The views below show the spot in white light and H-alpha. Note the chromosphere in the animation as it stands above the photosphere. Bresser 150mm achromat refractor, Quark Chromosphere for H-alpha, Lacerta Herschel prism for white […]

14 Apr 19
Electronische beveiliging en wat je moet weten. | Aanbiedingen, reviews & prijsvergelijking voor Bresser bewakingscamera 120 graden met pir-bewegingssensor.

12 Apr 19
Sandra de Bresser's blog

Vrijdag 5 april was ik op een conferentie van Nederlandse en Vlaamse universitaire taalcollega’s in Antwerpen. Titel van de conferentie was “Macht en pracht van taal”. NUT staat voor Nederlandse en Vlaamse Universitaire Talencentra en het 25-jarig bestaan van de vereniging werd gevierd. Met keynote: “Mythes over leren en onderwijs; wat zegt de wetenschap?” door […]

12 Apr 19
Ac24Horas - Portal de notícias do Acre

Proposta de pagamento parcelado foi protocolada no governo pela equipe jurídica do sindicato

11 Apr 19
ContilNet - O Acre Todo em um só lugar

A Luta para um acordo com o governo do estado não para. Dessa vez, o jurídico do Sindicato dos Trabalhadores em Saúde do Acre, Sintesac, protocolou um documento para que Gladson Cameli pague o Plano Bresser dos servidores em saúde, que tem direito, de forma parcelada. A ideia é que esse pagamento seja antecipado, uma […]

10 Apr 19
Open Source Security

So you’ve written some software. It’s full of open source dependencies. These days all software is full of open source, there’s no way around it at this point. I explain the background in my previous post. Now that we have all this open source, how do we keep up with it? If you’re using a […]

05 Apr 19
Trina Bresser Matous

Without warning, a bomb exploded on KAL flight #858 killing all 115 souls on board. It didn’t take long for authorities to trace and arrest the agents who had placed the bomb. Both attempted suicide by biting down on cyanide pills. One agent succeeded, while the other was unable to ingest enough poison to cause […]

02 Apr 19
Open Source Security

A long time ago Marc Andreessen said “software is eating the world”. This statement ended up being quite profound in hindsight, as most profound statements are. At the time nobody really understood what he meant and it probably wasn’t until the public cloud caught on that it became something nobody could ignore. The future of […]