17 Feb 19
Geek in Sydney

The Sydney Brick Show is back in April with its usual smorgasbord of all things LEGO. The Show includes original builds and displays of traditional LEGO themes will impress and inspire kids of all ages, Including LEGO City, Star Wars, Trains, Superheroes, Pirates, Castle, Technic, Friends and many more. Plus unique pop-culture, nostalgia, sci-fi and […]

16 Feb 19

Hello my followers, firstoff I want to thank you for reading my storysy I also wanted to say that if you got an constructive critism, you can always post it in the comments. As said before English isnt my nain language, I am Gernan so if something is completly wrong please write it in the […]

15 Feb 19

It’s the day after Valentine’s and all is fine The chocolates are eaten and they’ve drank the wine. The house is quiet there is no one in Unlike yesterday’s unholy din. The love had lasted an hour or two Then the wine got them talking truths as you do Tempers got fraught and they came […]

15 Feb 19
Ukkasha's Media Studies Portfolio

Each aspect of the mise en scene has hidden meanings in this Final Film “Handcuffed Angel”, and sends signals to the audience about how they are expected to react. The film emphasizes alot of connotative demands when it comes to particular components. At first, The time of night is established with the use of orange […]

14 Feb 19

Bricky the Border Wall Rallies Trump Supporters in El Paso | The Daily Show SUBSCRIBE: : : The Daily Show’s own Bricky the Border Wall chats with Trump supporters at a rally in El Paso, Texas, about their border security-related hopes and fears. Subscribe to The Daily Show: Follow The Daily Show: […]

14 Feb 19
Bon Bon Lifestyle Webazine

Once again, The Daily Show has struck comedy gold.  Meet Bricky, a border wall mascot that the show sent to El Paso to talk to fans of President Trump ahead of his Monday night rally in El Paso, Texas. (That’s the one where a Trump backer attacked a BBC cameraman.) The Trump fans didn’t disappoint […]

14 Feb 19
Comyn Castle

Moin, moin! I’ve tried to reset the comment function, let’s see if it’s worked. Anyway, some stuff to read: Steve Bell on Theresa’s search for fresh thinking, her unparalleled dancing skills and John Crace on on the why of Chris Grayling. On food, we have Felicity’s chocolate fondant and Tony Naylor on scones, as well […]

13 Feb 19
Ebenal Construction

This is the #Victorian #boiler taken out. #Cast iron, it had to be broken up and removed in bits, so heavy. Well it never would have #worked and was definitely not #eco friendly. #eco #friendly #cast iron #heavy #boiler #build #building #builder #Bricky #work #coated #coated #conversion #park (Feed generated with FetchRSS) From

13 Feb 19
File 770

(1) RIDLEY SCOTT’S COGNAC AD. The noted director of Blade Runner, various Aliens movies, and the Apple Mac: 1984 commercial, Ridley Scott, has returned to commercial work this year. First to air was his Turkish Airlines ad for the Super Bowl, and now comes a short video tailored for airing online and on TV during […]

11 Feb 19
Norwich: Music City, UK

#TheGighopper 11-17 Feb. 2019 Week 7 **************************** MONDAY The Brickies Open Stage Brickmakers 7.30pm Daljit Nagra Louis Marchesi 7:30pm Norwich Jazz Jam feat. Lee Vasey Fat Cat & Canary 8:30pm Salsa CopaCubana 7:15pm **************************** TUESDAY Swingamybob Swing Dance Class Yarmouth Rd. The A.I.R. Presents Boombox The Blueberry 8pm Exist Immortal + support B2 Venue 7pm Nae […]

09 Feb 19
The Chemistress

Roses, Roses Everywhere As Valentine’s Day approaching, roses are springing up everywhere. I’m reminded of the days I worked for Whole Foods where Valentine’s meant pulling all the girls up to pose for super rose sales. They insisted the men would need “a feminine touch” to help choose. Really, we think I have a feminine touch? But […]