Bronwyn King

19 May 19
Archy news nety

game of Thrones fans will have a hole in the shape of Westeros in their hearts (and plans to watch TV) will arrive on Sunday when the hit HBO show and the world cultural phenomenon will finally end. In fact, many HBO subscribers have turned to social media to say that they will cancel the […]

18 May 19
Brett and Bronwyn in Kenya

Bronwyn and I and the camp team are about to enter a 93-day period of nonstop ministry. This is not an exaggeration at all, the next 93 days we will be working pretty much day and night. Of course, this isn’t a surprise, although we do year around ministry this is the most important months […]

17 May 19
The Red Boot Quilt Company

Hi y’all, the next instalment (No. 4) of ‘This Little Piggy’ is available for download here. Congratulations to Bronwyn H. for winning last month’s giveaway. Bronwyn’s favourite movie is ‘Titanic’. Thank you all for entering, I loved reading about your favourites movies. Enter our Month #4 Thermo-o-Web giveaway by emailing us and finishing the following […]

15 May 19
Brett and Bronwyn in Kenya

As I think everyone is aware by now that Bronwyn and I have determined that God is calling us away from BlueSky and Kenya in August after the camp season. Our time here has been unbelievable and we know that the past few years we have walked in God’s perfect will for our lives. But, […]

11 May 19
The AIM Network

I had a concept for a Sherlock Holmes type spoof. Something like the case of the missing environment minister. However, I’ve decided that I need to have a break before Bill Shorten becomes PM next week… Ok, I know that making predictions can make one look stupid, but I’m prepared to do it because I […]

11 May 19
The Blood Buzz

For most of my twelve days in Cambodia I travelled with a Londoner called Chirag. He is thirty years old and has recently left his job as a designer for a tobacco company back in the UK. Throughout the trip he partied harder than me and was always keen for whatever harebrained scheme seemed to […]

05 May 19

By Bronwyn Lea Very few of us have the inclination or interest in diving into three years of seminary education in order to get a better handle on the Scriptures. However, every believer should long to get a better grip on the Bible. The good news is that it does not require a graduate education […]

29 Apr 19
Images Magazine

115 lucky hairdressers from around Australia and New Zealand were delivered a VERY exciting and special surprise when Hair Expo Australia delivered the finalists of its prestigious Hair Expo Awards their ‘golden ticket’ AKA their finalist announcement! All entrants were delivered a Charlie & The Chocolate Factory inspired package with the selected finalists also uncovering […]

25 Apr 19
Hello From the Other Side (of the World)

…but not in terms of weather. More in terms of just life. March started off really well, because I was on holiday from school after three months of hard work, that luckily paid off! Woohoo! I had a few days of activities, like Lotte World and language exchanges (see previous posts for more info), and […]

25 Apr 19
Cate Speaks

Summary Website: Facebook: Previous names: Palmer United Slogans: Make Australia Great Put Australia First What Australia Grows, Grows Australia. Support Aussie Farmers Themes: The lucky country.  Wealth creation, especially by mining, manufacturing and tax cuts.  Clive Palmer personality cult?  Feels a bit Trumpian, but without the absolute lack of compassion.  Doesn’t like Bill […]

24 Apr 19
Regina Leader-Post

Seven Saskatchewan community theatre companies present seven nights of entertainment during TheatreFest 2019 in Regina.

24 Apr 19
Detroit Praise Network

Bronwyn Lea, a writer for Relevant Magazine, says there are things she still remembers from seminary that are bite sized nougats to make reading the Bible easy to understand and applicable. In the article she lays out nine things everyone should do when reading the Bible. Here’s One That Made Me Shout! READ ‘KING’ WHEN […]

24 Apr 19
LDNfashion - The definitive fashion guide to London

Consumers are becoming more aware of the negative impact the fashion industry can have on the world. Fast fashion is losing its appeal in favour of more sustainable options. If you want to do your bit for the planet while still keeping your wardrobe up to date, stay tuned. These ethical fashion shops in London […]