20 Feb 19
Garners Estate services

This week’s sale was a last minute addition and we are so pleased to be helping this family out. The homeowner is a former doctor and had a great taste for luxury. Inside this 3 bedroom house is some amazing furniture and decor! The 5 car garages are also packed and housed some gorgeous luxury […]

18 Feb 19

    _____ celebrates our Western heritage and today’s working West, dedicated to preserving our important history and to promoting the Western arts that carry on those traditions.  It’s a part of the non-profit Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry. The Center was formed to serve a mostly rural and under-served community of Western […]

16 Feb 19

Image © 2005, Shawn Cameron, “Making Plans” Find more about Cowboy Poetry Week here. NEWS AND EVENTS Find Cowboy Poetry Week events on the April calendar.   Utah poet Sam DeLeeuw has  has organized a number of events for Cowboy Poetry Week at Utah‘s Weber County libraries. Joining her will be poets and musicians Robin Arnold, Thatch […]

14 Feb 19
This Week in Milford

I’m having this nightmare of giant snakes attacking me in the Gobi Desert while being trapped in that giant scorpion chair that Vulnavia pushed me into while Dr. Phibes goes to Gil’s house and kidnaps Mimi and sticks her in a mummy case in his hideout behind the Milford 24-Hour Coin Laundromat (what other laundromats […]

12 Feb 19
Talking to Strangers

When I moved into my first apartment, I had exactly zero furniture. The first night I actually lived there, I sat on the ground and ate falafel sandwiches from Sultan Market in a giddy display of what I believed to be adult grit and fortitude. Eventually, I furnished my home with an eclectic mix of […]

07 Feb 19

Our 2019 Annual Meeting will take place on Saturday, April 6 at the J.E. Broyhill Civic Center in Lenoir from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. The day will include a keynote speaker, girl-led presentations, interactive displays, council business and lunch. To be a registered voting member, you must be a currently registered Girl Scout, 14 years […]

06 Feb 19
Alexander Funeral Service

Herman “Bud” Fred Stocks, age 88, of Hiddenite passed away on Tuesday, February 5, 2019 at Iredell Memorial Hospital. He was born on May 22, 1930, the son of the late James Elbert & Ruby Warren Stocks. During his career, Bud worked as a carpenter and also at Broyhill Furniture for 13 years. In his […]

28 Jan 19

Happy Monday, friends! I am so excited to share photos of Kennedy’s nursery! It has been a work in progress to say the least. I had originally planned on doing our next baby nursery in black and creams because I loved everything I kept seeing in this combo, but when I found out we were […]

17 Jan 19
This Week in Milford

Marty, I wouldn’t be showing my face ANYWHERE, let alone on your radio show. Anything you’re doing now is licking the table scraps of meat loaf and mashed potatoes off your Broyhill King Louis XIV collection, a table you more than likely hocked from Versailles Palace when the French Revolution was taking a potty break. […]

15 Jan 19
Archy news nety

Late-night hosts break the "revelation" out that the FBI investigated whether Trump was working on behalf of Russia. Stephen Colbert During the Late Show, Stephen Colbert spent a day in the internet news cycle, alternating between the last drops in the Russian study and the viral video of a turn-floor training. First, the news: the […]

15 Jan 19
News Archives Uk

Late nights break up the "revelation" that the FBI has investigated if Trump works for Russia. Stephen Colbert In the Late Show, Stephen Colbert lived a day in the Internet news cycle, switching between recent investigations in Russia and the viral video of a gym routine. First, the news: The New York Times reported over […]

07 Jan 19

FF: Erika Douglass, Daniel Weissenhofer, Annette Kendall & Phillip Bernier IUFB #1: SAMSUNG curved 8500 Series 55″ 4K HDTV + stand (A at SS) ERIKA: 2100/DANIEL: 1100/ANNETTE: 750/PHILLIP: 1050 Total ARP: $1,…647- Daniel plays H-L for the big bucks & a $10,160 Celestyal Cruise (incl. spa treatments)(R at #4). I: Crystal Farms All Whites, BUSH’S […]

06 Jan 19
Furniture for you

Bedroom Furniture – an in Depth Anaylsis on What Works and What Doesn’t Quilted table runners are for the dining room. Furniture includes added benefits. Contemporary Oak Bedroom Furniture includes a couple of items that are different aside from bed. It is a place in your property. Furniture is an immense portion of your homes […]

03 Jan 19
Tapestry Buys Coach

Saunders noted that Tapestry worked to rebuild Kate Spade’s brand equity in the year, such as pulling back on extreme promotional action and decreasing publicity to unfavorable wholesale channels. Suppose the consumer desires demographic information that is much more present than the last census. With traditional styles featuring artwork nouveau shapes and paisley fashion patterns […]