19 Jun 19
Mumble Skyflyers

For those who like a wee dram with their live music, The Rhythm and Booze Project is only choice this Fringe… Hello Paul, first things first, where are you both from & where are you at, geographically speaking? Paul: I’ve been living in Bristol these past few years. Felipe, originally from California, is based on […]

18 Jun 19

Let’s jump straight in with a GEEK ALERT! Glengyle’s mill came from Craigellachie, but most of the equipment [stills, condensers, spirit safe etc.], came from the defunct Ben Wyvis complex, the lot bought for £300000. Scandinavian larch washbacks see a [on average] 100 hour long fermentation. Our tour guide claims the wooden washbacks add character […]

16 Jun 19
Equipoise Life

When the trip was just in the planning stages the first location chosen was Islay. It is the home of the

15 Jun 19

A few of our favorite whiskies to reach U.S. shelves over the past several months.

15 Jun 19
Simba Financial

Every whisky drinker–whether connoisseur or casual–needs a go-to bottle, a standby that will reliably reside behind every airport bar, in every hotel lobby, at every highbrow restaurant and lowbrow dive bar alike. Go-to bottles are good to know, and even better to own–it’s the whisky you can pour when friends come over or when you […]

13 Jun 19
93 Islands of Scotland

30th May to 2nd June 2019 Bob Sproat, Robin Hogg and I set off from McKenzie Cottage just after 7.00am.  In spite of missing our last ferry because we stopped for coffee, we decided to risk coffee and scones at Loch Fyne Oyster Bar.  We met up with the rest of the large team at […]

12 Jun 19
Francis Avenue

As a Londoner I’m lucky to have access to several outstanding local destinations for Father’s Day shopping, dining and culture. A favourite is the area bounded by Piccadilly and St James’s with its finest menswear shops, luxury hotels and restaurants and cultural destinations such as The Royal Academy of Arts. I was recently invited to see […]

12 Jun 19
Exclusive Tasting Events

Whisky Tasting Masterclasses at The Islay Whisky Festival 2020 Once again I will be hosting Single Malt Whisky Masterclasses on Islay during the Islay Whisky Festival 2020. This is an exclusive opportunity to attend a tasting featuring drams from the different distilleries on Islay hosted by a former Caol Ila distillery manager. I have no […]

09 Jun 19
record of m.

Wednesday We were up reasonably early to get ourselves going before coffee service. We enjoyed coffee in our room while we finished packing and then had a full breakfast downstairs in the dining room. We loaded up the car, took a few pictures of the hotel and surroundings, and then bade the hotel staff goodbye […]

08 Jun 19
iLaddie Whisky Nerd

A while back I posted a blogpost about the Bruichladdich Yellow Submarine. In this blogpost I say it would so rock if someone had an empty bottle that they would be able to send to me. And guess what! A very friendly person (not disclosing a name) responded and now the empty bottle is on […]

07 Jun 19
My Annoying Opinions

Four reviews in a week—what is this? a spirits blog? Here’s an indie Port Charlotte (the heavily peated whisky produced at Bruichladdich (but not as heavily peated as Octomore)). This is the oldest Port Charlotte I’ve reviewed and probably the oldest I’ve had. It was distilled in 2001, which may have been the year Port […]

04 Jun 19
Robb Report

From masterful distillers around the world, we bring you the top bottles.

03 Jun 19
Scotty’s Drams

Taste Review #11 – Lagavulin 16. One of the biggest surprises for me in my whisky journey is that I’ve never really had much time for Lagavulin. I’ve been a little bit blinkered and have wondered between Laphroaig, Bruichladdich and Bunnahabhain when considering the delights that the Islay region of Scotch whiskies has to offer. […]

31 May 19
Julian Worker UK Blog

Do YOU have trouble putting IKEA furniture together? Yes? There’s a Buddhist group who can help in this book, which is free between 27th May and 31st May. 40 odd groups that are surrounded in mystery. Little is known about them, hence the shortness of the book and the low price. And the fact I […]