Bruno Banani

14 Feb 19
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Chemnitz. Last autumn celebrated company Bruno Banani celebrated its 25th anniversary with great optimism. But for many employees the bitter backlash came. At a company meeting last Friday, management announced the end of the confectionery and sewing industry. In Chemnitz Bruno Banani gives the production of trendy underwear and swimming shorts at the end of […]

15 Jan 19

Procter and Gamble and Gilette decided that the best way to promote their new product was to release a new man-hating ad campaign that attacks their entire customer base. Gillette’s new ad does a great job in generalising their entire main customer base as being toxic. Despite being a razor company they decided to fuel the […]

04 Jan 19 at Pressable

The time of exotics that could market their inability like Michael Edwards or Fuahea Semi is obviously over. Who else does the name Fuahea Semi say? Anyone? He's a man who made a name for himself as a luger at the beginning of this decade. But not because he slipped particularly fast through the ice […]

13 Dec 18
Christelle Tavarez

Deze verleidelijke geur past bij zorgeloze, ondeugende en zelfverzekerde vrouwen. Bruno Banani Absolute Woman Eau de Toilette heeft een fruitige, bloemige geur. De sappige, bittere, roze grapefruit is de topnoot van Bruno Banani Absolute Woman Eau de Toilette. Het hart van de geur bestaat uit jasmijn en patchoeli vormt de basis. De krachtige geur van […]

07 Dec 18
Melissa's Fandom World

In this shop-log, I’ll be showing some stuff I bought throughout the month that isn’t book-related. I love looking at shop-logs on blogs, always have, so I thought I’d start publishing them over here as well once in a while – which I also did on my old blog. So today I’m showing you some […]