12 Jun 19
Gary Strachan - "Write" Said Fred

I’ve felt physically drained over the past few days. Witnessing this constant rain seemingly bearing the same energy depleting qualities which Samson experienced after a trip to the barbers. The Nazarite’s flowing locks, which initially attracted him to his beau Delilah, the fabled source of his immense strength. Their removal rendering him vulnerable to enemies, […]

03 Jun 19
Camera Jabber

The MagMod MagSphere is an easy to use modifier that you can pop on your flashgun in a second to give softer, more attractive light

01 Jun 19

Are you looking for a real ISO7X comment? Then, take the time to read the entire article, because you'll know exactly what the ISO 7X isometric trainer has and what you might want to consider to save you money and get better results. After reading this article, you will be better able to decide whether…

Iso7X Review – Just Comment on this new Isometrics exerciser was originally published on China

10 Apr 19
Aardvarchaeology - by Dr. Martin Rundkvist

Idea for ordering the graves of an inhumation cemetery chronologically. Check all the skeletons’ genealogy with DNA and build chains of ancestry. The incoming books department at the British Library is named “Content Development Implementation”. Word salad! I’ve got the flu. It’s scary when the ibuprofen goes out and the shivering starts. Almost everything archaeologists […]

12 Mar 19
Truth's Tonics

I completed two lessons in Self Analysis, by L. Ron Hubbard as well as 30 minutes on the elliptical and working on the bullworker. I also meditated. I will do Atlas Exercises tomorrow.

02 Mar 19
Truth's Tonics

I was able to do 30 minutes on the elliptical and a Bullworker session, as well as a lesson in Science of Survival. I will be meditating and doing Charles Atlas’s exercises as well as taking a shower.

01 Mar 19

Victoria’s premier ski resort holds many adventures like skiing, tobogganing, snow walks, snowboarding, sled dog tours and a ‘Gnome Roam’, discovers ANURAG MALLICK For a town with a population of just 242 mountain folks, it sure felt crowded at Mount Buller. We are used to seeing more people at a traffic signal in India. Yet, between […]

20 Feb 19
Representing Adolescence @ Pitt

Olivia Knecht When I arrived at Special Collections, I was immediately drawn to the comic table. The somewhat faded but still bright colors caught my eye. One comic specifically intrigued me: Binky. Binky was a DC comic that starred teenage-boy Bertram “Binky” Biggs. DC comics wrote Binky’s character to be a relatable, typical teenager with […]

19 Feb 19
Truth's Tonics

I’m starting over. So much has happened that it is hard to explain, but I will attempt anyway. I’m on a new medicine , Clozapine Saphris, (both anti psychotics) Setraline, (SSRI) lorazapam, Xanex, (pain/nerve pills). I am also currently studying Dianetics and related works, and I will be posting my progress on these works daily. […]

07 Feb 19
Gary Strachan - "Write" Said Fred

Today’s literary effort sees the third in a trilogy of tongue in cheek narratives surrounding my attendance at Heathfield Senior High School on Low Fell, Gateshead. Sadly for the reader, my trinity of completed works isn’t as entertaining as, say, the original Star Wars or Back to The Future trilogies. In my defence, though, I’m […]

29 Oct 18

Over a year ago I transformed the room in my flat into a gym .. I added a heavy  bag , Speedbag , Double ended Bag , to my already existing weights bench and weights collection , a few mitts for sparring a pull up bar and a bullworker … Needless to say it’s the […]

26 Oct 18

SO, YOU DISLIKE COSTLY JOINT REPLACEMENTS, EH? 4/TADn-27RXqZit-04PaNyAyKKijAwp1JNT0BjmbsULRzLLT1eolMsZB //pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ google_ad_client: “ca-pub-4174891051220599”, enable_page_level_ads: true }); TERRAIN SURVEY The idiot box screen irritates me no end with frequent ads about how a certain formulation was taken by X, Y or Z and how they got “permanently cured of” it. Many of my […]

27 Sep 18
The Life malloyrosendahl88 Blog 079

dumbbell Power training uses totally different methods of resistance to build up your muscle tone. Principally the load is being held above your head together with your arms straight out like your reaching for something overhead, not above you. First off she saidyou need to decide what it’s you want to achieve in your weight […]

22 Aug 18

I, like many kids, wanted to be a cricketer in my youth. It kind of dissolved after the 5th standard summer cricket camp, where I found myself severely lacking in stamina. Then, in my 6th standard, I switched to basketball. A week or two of continuous basketball would make me sick for the next two […]

19 Aug 18
Micky's Up blog

There must be a massive market for old telephone seats? With the advent of modern phones there are several pieces of unwanted furniture no longer needed; the old-fashioned telephone seat, much loved in the 50s, 60s and 70s, is sadly one – along with locks on the phone, wires and telephone directories. In London there […]