20 Mar 19
Pieces of Jade

I’m moving forward, if incrementally, into a more stable emotional space. I am hoping that feeling better will spur my motivation to write, as well – you know, like the sexy, naughty stuff – but we will see. At the moment, I’m not feeling any sexy, naughty stuff, much less doing any sexy naughty stuff, so it’s […]

19 Mar 19
Stressed in the City

Have you ever fucked a dude you shouldn’t have fucked and now every time you think about it you cringe so hard people might think you have Tourette’s? No? Congratulations! You must have a healthy relationship with men and sex!!!!! I’m kidding… sort of. There’s been a handful of dudes I shouldn’t have fucked but […]

19 Mar 19
Decapitated By Cymbals

Addie: Ya know, I composed a list of albums for Kyle to review for this blog, like, a decade ago (and when I say decade, I mean about three months ago). I curated this fine collection for the utmost content quality, and can I give a solid reason as to why The Donkeys Born With […]

19 Mar 19
Kokopelli Bee Free Blog

#OSTARA 2019 – #HARMONY: The plum tree in front of the balcony barely could wait to open its flowers. Yesterday, it let them radiate in time for the #SpringEquinox. | #KokopelliBeeFree #KBFWotY

19 Mar 19
Mamma & Bear

We recently introduced Hamish to the idea of potty training. We gathered all our essentials Read Here and invested in a lot of tiny pairs of underpants. One of my first items to invest in was the award winning Kidzbrandz My carry Potty. I absolutely love the fun designs of this sturdy, leak proof potty. […]

19 Mar 19
Mom Blogic

Today we are moving on to reason number 2 why I am poor… Makeup. Like most moms I don’t have a whole lot of time for daily makeup application. Honestly, I put my makeup on in the car on my way to work. I have a system: primer, when I run out to start my […]

19 Mar 19
Pallet & Plate

A recent report by the Food Marketing Institute revealed that there is a huge potential for the seafood market to grow and attract new seafood shoppers. The report, The Power of Seafood, notes that the category generates $12 billion in retail sales, but 44 percent of adults are not even frequent or occasional seafood consumers. […]

19 Mar 19
Deepika Ghai

It appears that the millennial culture and lifestyle are on the whole advanced, it’s insane that we can arrange food and garments with only a tap of our telephone, and even sex. Dating applications like Tinder and Bumble make sex truly available, and you may wind up swiping directly in the early hours of the […]

19 Mar 19
Alpha Pickup

Ahh Bumble, yes Bumble, Tinder’s bratty little sister hookup app. Not too much is coming out in news about Bumble these days about this casual hookup app but one thing is certain… I’m about to share with you how to INSTANTLY swipe left on all those fatties before they even fill up your XL screen. […]

19 Mar 19
Amanda Explains It

We’ve all been there: You see the giant yellow squash in the store and are instantly reminded of all the low-carb meals you came across on Pinterest, but you’ve never actually mustered the courage to tackle the sought-after veggie. To help you finally sub your go-to box of noodles with this low-calorie alternative, I’m going […]

19 Mar 19
Smart Cat Press

No gift has ever been offered to pregnant women, moms and, uh, humanity at large, than when Amy Schumer announced she was pregnant. Because the way she can translate the most unexpectedly relatable life experiences into pure comedic gold could only…

19 Mar 19

What do you get when you mix multiple housing platforms and the dating app Bumble? Folks, I’d like to introduce you to Humble! Humble is a super easy to use app that is essentially Bumble or Tinder but for houses. This app would be mainly used via mobile devices but would still be available on […]