17 Feb 19
Thriving Parents

Hey guys, and welcome back! Todays topic, baby products, and my person top 10 favorites/must haves! Also included will be a top list of must have for parents to help get you through!This list will have a link attached to everything listed for your convenience. Frida Baby’s Nose Frida, the snot suckerNow I know a […]

16 Feb 19
The College Student's Guide to Motherhood

At 4 months Noah began sitting, using her hands to help her. At 5 months she could sit by herself perfectly. At 6 months she could pull up and stand. Now at 7 months she is crawling, can go from laying down to sitting and is currently in the practicing stages of trying to stand […]

15 Feb 19
Maneuvering Motherhood

Wow, that’s a long title. I originally wanted to entitle this piece, “NEWBORN MUST-HAVES!” like I’ve seen all over the internet since finding out I was pregnant. Before I had my first child (5 months ago), I spent hours and hours researching the best baby products for my little babe. As you might already know, […]

15 Feb 19

What do you buy as a new mom? Before you dive in, here’s some things to think about.

15 Feb 19

You continue to amaze me in all the things you are able to do while you’re still so little. I feel like sometime in the last week or two you went from being an infant to being a baby. You have started grabbing EVERYTHING. And all that you can grab goes straight to your mouth. […]

11 Feb 19
Steele Blonde Mom

*Traveling when they’re little and napping the most is the best! Don’t be Afraid to Travel with your Child My take has always been: don’t be afraid to travel with your child. If you took an annual trip at Christmas to see your parents, don’t stop that because you are fearful to drive a long […]

09 Feb 19
The Grubers

Just some photos of the kids last month Look out for this astronaut! Emalyn often asks me to put Claire in her Bumbo seat so she can “play” with her These two have played Monopoly almost every day since Christmas. Even though Josiah can’t read yet, he keeps up with Paul in the game. He […]

08 Feb 19
The Andersen Family

I gave birth to twins on November 29th, 2017. In the months leading up to that we had two baby showers and one diaper party. They were all amazing, and we got so many great gifts, but what were some of my favorites? You’re about to find out: 10. Diapers & Wipes At both of […]

07 Feb 19
The Gru Life

It’s Wednesday. Why I’ve named it, I don’t know. Is this day different from any of the others? Today seems a great day for laundry. (Also not different from the others.) This means I have to wear real jeans, not the jeggings, yoga pants or pajama pants, as they’re each on their 18th day since […]

06 Feb 19

Managing a routine is rough, regardless if you have kids or not. I remember when I was in high school and I had such a tough time waking up for school and managing my time. “Crap! I have a test tomorrow, when am I going to study?!” To be honest, I never really studied in […]

03 Feb 19
my life, my love, and coffee

This is for you. For making me give up trying to prove that I am NOT a lying cheating whore. But my heart has broken trying to be okay with Bumbo and Melissa in your life. I am glad their names are exposed too, because now they will know what they mean to you. For […]