Bush Hog

18 Jul 19
Sports Daily Tips

8:00 AM ET NFL Nation The path to NFL head coach is a unique story for all 32 men in those jobs. But almost all of them started at the bottom, where no task is too menial — fetch coffee, cut up videotape, paint the end zones, even wash the head coach’s car. And all […]

17 Jul 19
T Hollis

Sunday morning as DH & I were driving away to attend church we saw Sweetie, Sissie & Jolly out of the pasture toward an unmowed area.  Rather than panicking, stopping the car to chase them, we slowed down & they immediately ran back through the pedestrian gate to make their way to the feed bowls […]

17 Jul 19

Will Hehemann | School of Agriculture, Fisheries and Human Sciences During the hot summer months, farm pond owners often face the frustrating prospect of losing some of their fish population to oxygen depletion in the water, says Larry W. Dorman, Extension aquaculture specialist at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB). The event – referred to […]

16 Jul 19
Sufficient Living

Advice please? What equipment needed to cut tall grass/weeds/wildflowers. Im assuming regular old riding mower wont work? Cant walk. Anything i can ride? Or are we talking about buying $30k+ worth of tractor/bush hog? https://ift.tt/32xbjp4

15 Jul 19
The Mulberry Bush

A few of the ways I’m reducing single-use plastics in my home.

14 Jul 19
The Perpetual Pilgrim

This is one of my favorite stories from five years ago. My wild friends make me so happy. Hamilton was on his second attempt to bush-hog the field across the street.   The first time he was interrupted by a mighty thunderstorm.   He hadn’t gone but a few times round the field when he saw an […]

13 Jul 19
The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Life is sweaty, Modern Philosophers, and I urge you to wear that sweat like a stinky badge of honor! Personal wellness is important.  If you are healthy and fit, you will be around longer to enjoy the fun things in life.  Believe it or not, some of those activities are sweaty, too. So embrace you […]

12 Jul 19
BeingABFAB© #OffToVenus ©

Flournoy! Family! Have the family reunion! Nil archetypes! Nil ciphers! #Flournoys mooooove! Outside the maw! Butter beans and rice, And a whole cake of cornbread. Kool Aid! In a stained plastic pitcher. Super Brand Drank Aid. I’m laying it down for you, Nice! And PG! Aunt Nina said, “those words are in the Bible” anyway.. […]

12 Jul 19
Gardening Dos and Donts

‘The way we see it, our gardens don’t belong to us alone – they belong to all the wildlife that lives there, eats there or even just uses them as a stopping off point,’ says award-winning garden designer Michael John McGarr of Warnes McGarr & Co. ‘This could involve the hedgehog that wanders through your […]

11 Jul 19

Farming is a lot of work. I am lazy. (The first step is admitting there is a problem) So, currently I am spending a considerable amount of time and energy trying to develop systems that will make the workload tolerable enough for my lazy self to actually be able to enjoy the good parts – […]

11 Jul 19

What can you do with a BillyGoat brush-cutter?

11 Jul 19

Get your mind out of the gutter. Honestly. We are fortunate that our house also comes with a reasonable plot of land. Our property covers less than half an acre, but our house is pretty small, so almost half of that property is lawn space (we Brits would call it a “garden” whilst the yanks […]

10 Jul 19
Gryz Stan's Brainspace

Just yesterday, I went to the local cinema and purchased a ticket to see one of the most hyped movies of the summer, “Midsommar”. Now, I was expecting to sit down for your typical psychological thriller. The type that breaks your brain and makes you leave the theater terrified and disturbed. And while those things […]

08 Jul 19
Tanya the Mango Lady Blog

Featured interview with Chef Allen Susser, Author of The Great Mango Book; and Dr Noris Ledesma, Curator of Tropical Fruit, Fairchild Tropical Garden: The month of June is celebrated in the United States as National Mango Month. Truthfully though, mango lovers can’t be restrained to just one month of celebrating this golden symbol of sweetness […]

07 Jul 19
FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Arkansas opens the 2019 football season on Saturday, Aug. 31, when they host Portland State in Fayetteville. The game will have a kickoff at 3 p.m. and be televised on the SEC Network. It will be a game that should allow the Hogs to start off the second season of the Chad Morris era with some momentum. Here’s three thoughts about the upcoming football season that is growing nearer by the day. Carry Momentum Through September Arkansas got off to a good start in 2018 when they defeated Eastern Illinois 55-20 in Reynolds Razorback Stadium. It was at that point though they set in motion what would happen the remainder of the season. Arkansas went on the road the second week to face Colorado State and collapsed in the fourth quarter losing 34-27. It got no better the following week when North Texas came to Fayetteville and trounced the Hogs 44-17. This year Arkansas will get a chance to build some momentum when they travel to Oxford to face Ole Miss on Sept. 7. The Razorbacks then return home to host Colorado State and San Jose State before closing out the month in Arlington to face Texas A&M. Ole Miss will provide a better opponent than Colorado State did in Week 2, but it’s a game that if Arkansas can find a way to win it the season could become a promising one. Assuming the Hogs can beat Portland State, Colorado State and San Jose State at home a win over Ole Miss would allow them to go against the Aggies at 4-0. Circle Sept. 7 on the schedule because that will be a big game. Quarterbacks On Target In 2018, Arkansas started three different quarterbacks. As it turns out none of the three will be on the team in 2019. Gone are Ty Storey, Cole Kelley and Connor Noland. Enter Ben Hicks, Nick Starkel, KJ Jefferson and returnees John Stephen Jones, Daulton Hyatt and Jack Lindsey. Last season though by no means was it all their fault, but Arkansas’ quarterbacks completed just 54.6 percent of their passes which ranked 107th in FBS and 13th in the SEC. Morris is obviously looking for vast improvement in this aspect of the game this season. While the quarterbacks look to improve the offensive line and receivers need to step up as well. Last season too many times the quarterback was basically running from pursuit far too much. The receivers need to do a good job of getting the 50-50 balls and gaining separation. Members of Talented Recruiting Class Arkansas signed one of its better recruiting classes on paper and now they will be looking to see how many in that class can help this fall. Both the graduate transfer quarterbacks mentioned earlier will help as could Jefferson, a true freshman. At running back A’Montae Spivey could get some work. All four wide receivers signed could see action. Trey Knox, Treylon Burks, Shamar Nash and TQ Jackson are all capable of playing early. Knox was outstanding in the spring. Hudson Henry should have a big impact at tight end. Myron Cunningham will be a starter at guard or tackle. On defense, all the newcomers will get long looks on the line. The Hogs had Eric Gregory, Zach Williams and Mataio Soli go through spring drills at end. Incoming defensive linemen this summer were Collin Clay, Enoch Jackson, Taurean Carter and Marcus Miller. Zach Zimos was the only linebacker signed and could help. In the secondary, Devin Bush and Gregory Brooks both looked good in the spring. Brooks could be the starter at the nickel position. Jalen Catalon has a chance to make a very early impact at safety. Malik Chavis is someone to watch as well.