Bush Hog

18 Feb 19

It was brought to my attention recently that, at a social gathering at our farm, an acquaintance had the audacity to gossip to other guests, behind our back, that my family “isn’t really ‘off-grid.’ They’re just relying on the grid that everyone else is paying for.” Since this is a common refrain heard by off-gridders, […]

18 Feb 19
Carolyn's Travel Stories

Winston was waiting for us in the corner of his exhibit, his female partner, son Monroe and other family members were behind him because Winston is the dominant silverback lowland gorilla at the World Famous San Diego Zoo Safari Park (SDZ Safari Park). Fernando, an anteater, just awoke from a nap and Zinvvhi (ZenVee), a […]

18 Feb 19
The New Dark Age

Trump could not have become America’s President if he had not won the “vote” of his nation’s second-largest political donor in 2016, casinos-owner Sheldon Adelson.

17 Feb 19
Shiloh to Canaan

The GazetteApril 20, 1904 Read advertisement of stray mare in another column. The “dusky sons of Ham” were quite numerous in town Monday, attending court. Latest styles of society note paper and tablets for sale at this office. Miss Maude Selig returned home this week, after a brief visit to Ruston and Bernice. FOUND — At […]