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26 Apr 19
Vijay Opticians

Mykita sunglasses are basically made up of stainless steel and Mylon. Mykita sunglasses are distinguished by a progressive approach to form, construction and surface. This beautiful handcrafted modern design meets advanced technology for sunglasses with a refined and unique aesthetic. The attractive sunglasses were found by Moritz Kruger, Harald Gottschling, Philipp Haffmans and Daniel Haffmans. […]

29 Jan 19
Vijay Opticians

Mykita sunglasses are with anachronistic appeal: prepared of stainless steel, Mykita eyewear is renowned by a reformist method to form, creation and shallow. Handcrafted contemporary design meets progressive skill for sunglasses with a sophisticated and unique aesthetic. See the sights the wide-ranging appearances in the sunglass assortments. Lenses bid total protection from UVA and UVB […]