20 Mar 19
Bydgoszcz Apartments

28 square meter cosy studio apartment – fully furnished, kitchen equipment, washing machine, 140/200 bed, closet, bathtub/shower Ideal for single or couple 4th floor, nice courtyard view, parking spot available Old Town Location; Mill Island, restaurants and cafes nearby  

17 Mar 19

Jan, Rozalia, and Anna Kaniecki emigrated on 9 Apr 1882 from Hamburg, Germany, on the German ship Rhenania of the Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft (HAPAG) Hamburg America Line. The German record listed Jan‘s occupation as arbeiter (worker), and his age as 30. His wife Rosalie was 33, and their daughter Anna was 10 months old. The Hamburg […]

17 Mar 19
Wechsel an der Wiechsel

The land of our ancestors, now central Poland, was populated by a large minority of German speaking people for hundreds of years, from 1600 and before until 1945. Unlike the United States where the ‘melting pot’ metaphor pretty accurately describes the blending of cultures, in most of the rest of the world people firmly maintain […]

13 Mar 19

London, U.K. – A few days ago, the Financial Times published the list of the 1.000 fastest-growing companies in Europe – an exhaustive ranking of Europe-based firms that achieved the highest compound annual growth rate in revenue from 2014 to 2017. To make the prestigious ranking, now in its third year, companies had to meet […]

10 Mar 19
From Shepherds and Shoemakers

This past Christmas, my four young adult children gave me a really great gift in the form of DNA test kits and spit samples. Although it violates the “oldest first” rule about the order in which we should test family members, I was nonetheless pretty excited to have the kids test. Since a group of […]

05 Mar 19
The Multilingual Bronxite

Hello people! I don’t find myself posting as often, but here I am again. But this time, there’s some important updates I’m going to tell you all about, plus an amazing announcement regarding the 2019 Polyglot Gathering in Bratislava, Slovakia, taking place between May 29 to June 2.

04 Mar 19
Emma's Language Journey

Packing your entire life into two suitcases and a rucksack ready to move continents isn’t a particularly easy task, especially when your approach to books and clothes is pretty much the opposite of Marie Kondo’s (although I’d very much like to get rid of some of the work clothes I’ve just bought as they really […]

03 Mar 19
Sober Journeys Good Friends

Sorry for the delay. The only time I will say sorry in this post. My British friends say “sorry” way too much. When asking a Brit their name, it usually goes something like this. Sorry, my name is Edward. Sorry, I did not catch your name? Sorry, can I get you some tea? Where I […]

02 Mar 19
Archy Worldys

After the anti-abuse conference of the church, many believers in Germany remain skeptical. According to a poll, many are thinking about leaving the church. Update from 2 March 2019, 11.17 clock: German Catholics go to court with their church. According to an insanity survey commissioned by the Bild newspaper, which counts 4,000 Germans – 1004 […]

02 Mar 19

28/02/2019 Jan Peczkis The Holocaust in Eastern Europe: At the Epicenter of the Final Solution by Waitman Wade Beorn – Published February 8th 2018 by Continnuum-3PL. * Are Polish Bystanders “Complicit in the Holocaust”? If So, Then Jewish Bystanders are Also Complicit in the Crimes of the Zydokomuna Author Waitman Wade Beorn is a historian […]

01 Mar 19
Druga Niedziela Barabasza

STAN NA 1.3.2019 CZECHY Banik Ostrava-FK Pribram 25.7.2009 Banik Ostrava-FK Teplice 19.3.2016 Banik Ostrava-FC Hradec Kralove 9.3.2013 Banik Ostrava-Slovan Liberec 6.4.2013 Banik Ostrava-FK Mlada Boleslav 27.7.2013 Banik Ostrava-FC Zbrojovka Brno 26.8.2013 Banik Ostrava-FK Baumit Jablonec 12.8.2013 Banik Ostrava-FC Viktoria Plzen 23.2.2014 Banik Ostrava-FC Tescoma Zlin 23.2.2008 Banik Ostrava-Viktoria Żiżkov 22.3.2008 Banik Ostrava-FK Jablonec 97 05.04.2008 […]