Cabbage Patch Kids

22 Apr 19
The Twin Geeks

So the Child’s Play movies vary wildly in quality and tone. Yet, it all came from a single artistic voice. Don Mancini has been the creative captain of the famous killer doll franchise since its inception. That being said, MGM/Orion actually has the rights to the very first film, Child’s Play (1988), every sequel after is owned […]

22 Apr 19
❓❓❓The Clueless🧟‍♀️ Low-Tech💾 Aspiring author📚 With Two🎁🎁Disabilities

1987  A week or two before Easter, my grandparents got me this big inflated blue Easter bunny. He had a cute, drawn-on cartoonish face, and he held a carrot in one of his featureless, oblong nubs that were his arms and hands. I was thrilled with this surprise inflatable toy, because it was given to […]

20 Apr 19
Archie Butterfly

We wrote earlier this week about the outstanding job that Queensland trainer Kylie Rasmussen has done with her pair of stable stars Smart As Camm Be and Lilac Flash, and predicted that these two pacers would shock and amaze the world when she stepped them up in class and took them to race outside of […]

20 Apr 19
a rambling collective

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash The truth is that ordinary folk in the States don’t live in the perpetual autumnal town of ‘Stars Hollow’, nor is the opening shot of a fabulous Brownstone apartment in ‘You’ve Got Mail’ a realistic home for many. The closest us Brits get to wood panelled rooms and the servants quarters of […]

20 Apr 19
...For Old Times' Sake. Play It, Sam.

Richard Widmark on TCM NIGHT AND THE CITY with Gene Tierney TAKE THE HIGH GROUND! with Karl Malden Reflects the culture of the 1980s WARGAMES (1983) cold warBREAKIN’ (1984) break dancingSTARMAN (1984) U.F.O. crazeTHE GARBAGE PAIL KIDS MOVIE (1987) satire on The Cabbage Patch kids

20 Apr 19
The Journaling of Basse 903

Perhaps your dog has a health issue or is on a medicine that makes him not require to have your meals. ‘s under a vet’s care, but the task of obtaining nutrition into her falls on your. Now what? First, understand that the less puppy eats, the less he WANTS consume. Add to that […]

20 Apr 19
The Life of McCabe 218

Manufactures stamp their products with dates like best if utilized by and use before or best flavor if utilized by dates. Though put there by the manufacturer they really are not an indication of whether a food product is edible. In my humble opinion this carried out to either cause the grocer to price food […]

19 Apr 19
Jes Enjoying the Journey

I have never been one much for doctors.  Or emergency rooms.  It takes a lot for me to tell you I am sick.  Like, sincerely a lot.  Orange Juice cures a lot for me….or just a Halls cough drop.  When things are serious I’m grabbing some NyQuil and sleeping through the pain. What is the […]

18 Apr 19
Our CR Adventure

Just because we’re moving doesn’t mean I can’t take everything I own with me!!! What would I do without my 10 Cabbage Patch kids?!?! Houses/Apartments (in our budget) in Costa Rica are about 1000 sq. ft, which is a 5th of our current house. And most of them are furnished with water, internet and sometimes […]

18 Apr 19
Reno Dads

Spring is finally here— and thank goodness! I love winter and all that comes with it, but given the extremely wet and cold nature of this last one and the fact that I recently spent 12-hours stuck in the snow on Donner Pass, I’m glad warmer weather has arrived. So in the spirit of spring, […]

18 Apr 19
Have Bear Will Travel

Last Sunday I left for Iowa full of hope. Hope that our mini IVF cycle was going to be our ticket to parenthood. My first scan on Monday revealed six mighty follicles and I was excited. A phone call that afternoon took the wind out of my sails. My estrogen only went from 32 to […]

18 Apr 19
Greggo Movie Rants

This past week, it was announced that a remake of Tom Holland’s Child’s Play (1988) was not only in the works, but that Chucky will be played by the accomplished and beloved Mark Hamill, best known as both the voice of The Joker and the one and only Luke Skywalker. With the latest trailer’s release, we […]

18 Apr 19

My first significant toy that I got as a little girl was a cabbage patch doll. I named her a girly name (Precious), and thought she was so pretty. She had on a floral pink dress and pigtails. Her hair was medium length with twists in her hair. She also had a big smile, rosy […]

17 Apr 19
The Sag Harbor Express

There is a friendly tension these days over each Scrabble setup at the Bridgehampton Child Care & Recreational Center.

15 Apr 19

I spent approximately one-quarter of my Mother’s Day celebration last year attempting to get the perfect photo with my kids. (OK, maybe not that long, but entirely too much time.) It was my first Mother’s Day as a mom of two and I was determined to have a beautiful picture of the three of us […]

15 Apr 19
She Works With Willing Hands

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