20 Feb 19

The Cabelas Credit Card Rewards has a lot of surprises in stock for their users right from the first day the card is issued. Cardholders get a $25 di Source: Cabelas Credit Card Rewards Login online

19 Feb 19
Waterfowl Hunter

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you’re finding yourself apart of a flyway that sees snow geese. It won’t take long before you’re interested in a snow goose call. Now there are two differences in snow geese calls based on the seasons of course. First, are the traditional acrylic and polycarbonate calls that everyone is familiar with for duck and goose […]

19 Feb 19
Market Reports

Hunting apparel is typically: more durable and weather resistant than normal clothing; designed with special features for the field, such as scent-masking fabrics, extra pockets for gear, etc.; fitted to provide more flexibility and unrestricted freedom of movement. Whether people hunt big game, small game, predators or fowl, there’s a good chance these need camo […]

18 Feb 19
Real College

We crawled back in Professor Oak with anticipation, nerves, and our now old friend, bittersweetness. We decided to head straight to The Badlands in South Dakota. Almost 14 hours away. One night in a Walmart parking lot, and a quick (not really) stop by a curious cop, we finally made it to our spot. We […]

17 Feb 19
Charity Windfall Canada


15 Feb 19
Tinfoil Hat Society

The dream of #Resistance is a stalwart one, and last week that spirit got a shot of pure cut cocaine with the posting of a grainy, frankly questionable video of a ‘large hairy man’ seen walking through a dried up creek bed.  The poster of the video on Youtube, who simply goes by the username […]

15 Feb 19
Lime Lava

EUGENE, Ore. — If you're a fisherman or woman looking to get rid of or get some extra gear, Cabela's is holding a charity event that will let you … limelavamix

13 Feb 19
Life as a Yowler

Here I am already, just a couple days later,  feeling cabin fever. I’ve realized something. It’s definitely harder for me to stay home all day then load up and go somewhere. I love going places. I especially love going places when I don’t have to pack anything. Day time outings are the best. I think […]

12 Feb 19

The problem is that pressing the right forearm into the edge of the guitar can cause injury and exacerbate repetitive overuse of the forearm muscles.  In answer to this problem there have been a couple different products created and marketed.  They each have their own limitations.  These products also have an eye to protecting the […]

11 Feb 19
The Bell Ringer

Meighan Coretti & JoAnn Lindfors|Contributors Are you tired of the same old date-night destinations? Are you looking to take your significant other to some new local places that will be an enjoyable and lovely experience? Well, look no further. We have the top four date night spots here in Augusta.

11 Feb 19
Ammunition Queen

There is such a thin line between a want and a need. It’s easy to acknowledge something that is a “want” as a “need.” Consider “Ice cream,” it is technically a “want.” But, upon further consideration, in fact, it is a need if you desire it enough. The first question proposed to reloaders is, “How […]

10 Feb 19
The Seth Blog In this episode of the KrebCast Podcast, your hosts Seth and Ben discuss the following topics-Episode 12-The KrebCast PodCast-Episode 12-First Person Shooter Games – Seth has several retractions/corrections from last weeks show – Seth’s new New iPhone is creepy – Ben discusses rain, weather of Western PA and sailboats – Seth discusses and breaks […]

10 Feb 19
1993 Silverton Aft Cabin resurrection

The answer is…. YES… the port engine came to life and ran for about 3 minutes. To my surprise, it appears all the gauges are working too, nice added bonus. The engine sounds great so far. But I really have some concerns how well it will hold up once it’s put back into service. The […]

09 Feb 19
Beaver Fly Fishers Club and Beaver Tales Blog

So You Wanna Buy a Fly Rod? Congratulations! After much deliberation, or none, you’ve decided to buy your first fly rod. Pretty soon you’ll possess what is in my opinion, the finest tool to wade streams and pursue the fish who live there, including our beloved smallmouth bass. Fly rods are sized according to the […]

07 Feb 19
Unspoken past

You see my mom had nothing and no one. A handful of friends, that weren’t scared to help us and get on my dads bad side. We drove that night to my god parents house. They lived about 5 miles away from Amherst. Good people, who took us in without question. A few days after […]