24 Jul 19
RMN Networks

Davao City – Dili man ciento por ciento nga mapugngan o maundang ang paghimo sa krimen ug pagpayuhot sa gidiling droga pasulod sa nasud ug plunder, gilaumang mokunhod gihapon kini sa higayong pahamtangan na sa silot-kamatayon ang mapamatud-ang mahilambigit niini. Sumala ni Program Director sa Davao City Anti Drug Abuse Council (CADAC) Ronaldo Rivera, kung […]

20 Jul 19
Iona’s Travels

Trip 11: Our second trip to York where we stay on a rugby pitch and it is easy to walk into York along the river. We chose a great level pitch next to another motorhome so we have plenty of space by the gazebo. After lunch we sat in the sun but by 14.30 I […]

18 Jul 19
Artful Dodger

So, after a lot of messing around in Weedon, and sailing up and down this stretch of the canal, we are finally getting back on track! Ron and Lyn are coming to visit next week and we are organising a marina to stay in so we can meet up and they can park their car. […]

17 Jul 19
toobearz travelling

So we’re two ish weeks into the van trip and we’ve definitely learnt a few things along the way. Here’s a brief recap. 1: The importance of a strateigic poop A little van like ours is great for sneaking into smaller streets, carparks, ferries etc. One thing it lacks is a built in dunny. Convenient […]

15 Jul 19
TSW - The StallWoods

Ugh, why are so many caravan related items SO expensive? We are great believers in never spending ridiculous amounts of money on things that can be achieved for far less and also if I can I make things. Not everyone is confident in making things but it’s always worth a try! Our sunshade for the […]

10 Jul 19
RMN Networks

Davao City – Gibutyag karon sa tinubdan sa Davao City Anti-Drug Abuse Council (CADAC) nga 29 ka mga barangay sa syudad sa Davao ang wala mipartisipar sa programa sa gobyerno kontra iligal nga droga. Atol sa gipahigayong presser sa Royal Mandaya Hotel, giigon ni CADAC Technical Adviser on Drug Prevention and Rehabilitation Connie Domag nga […]

09 Jul 19
Adventures In A Campervan

It may only have been two weeks since our last adventure, but it’s been a fortnight of work, work and more work stress! Exam season is upon us and between Keith and I we’ve had nearly 60 students taking grade exams in this fortnight alone. Luckily, we’d got a weekend of escapism to look forward […]

09 Jul 19
Brexit Compliance News

Charles Collocott says financial industry can ill afford to have the wrong person at helm of regulation Financial regulations in South Africa (II) 4 July 2019 INTRODUCTION With the FSCA having replaced the FSB on 1 April 2019, Dube Tshidi, the former Executive Officer (EO) of the FSB, became the CEO of the FSCA. Tshidi […]

07 Jul 19
Campervan Capers

So this weekend marks 12 months of van ownership, and to celebrate we are out camping of course. This weekend’s caper is at The Lodge near York, small but pretty perfectly formed and £15 with EHU. It took a bit of finding, but Mrs Woman had given me some instruction over the phone and after […]

06 Jul 19
Iona’s Travels

Trip 10: Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club, Bridlington. We stopped at a local garage to fill up the auto-gas, then we headed north towards the Humber bridge and on to Bridlington. This will be our third visit to the Royal Yacht Club site but it is only 250 yards to the sea and beyond.   The […]

04 Jul 19
Brexit Compliance News

Charles Collocott writes SA’s financial industry can ill afford to have a controversial person at helm of important financial regulation bodies Financial regulations in South Africa (II) 4 July 2019 INTRODUCTION With the FSCA having replaced the FSB on 1 April 2019, Dube Tshidi, the former Executive Officer (EO) of the FSB, became the CEO […]

30 Jun 19
Campervan Capers

Having previously been impressed with the squiggly nature of the Dutch coastline we, or at least I, was looking forward to today’s drive. The weather was a bit pants, but being a driving day it wasn’t so much of an issue. We discovered that a lot of the roads ran along fortifications to keep the […]

28 Jun 19
ICT Blog

Effective engineering information management (EIM) is the key to efficient operations. Engineering information management improves productivity, reduces risk, and minimizes downtime. EIM system is a highly cost-effective profitability enhancement and risk mitigation tool, from pre feed to delivery and throughout the entire cycle of an operation. These systems deal with considerable volume of data, as […]

23 Jun 19
Truckin' Tuckers

Week 6, (w.c. 17 June’19) Spending our last few days in Bolnuevo, doing the same as the previous day’s; beach, lunch, quiet time in shade, beach, dinner, beachside walk, bedtime. New Friends We had a lovely farewell drink with John and Gill in ‘Chiringito El Polvorin Beachclub’ bar. This bar is literally in the middle […]

23 Jun 19

The former Financial Services Board executive officer Dube Tshidi has filed papers requesting a review of the public protector’s report on his appointment of a particular attorney as curator for a pension fund that had fallen victim to ‘surplus stripping’.