Caitlyn Jenner

20 Jan 19

Transgender & Politics For those who don’t already know I am a Transgender Lesbian Woman . I am also a Libertarian Socialist Anarchist / Anarcho-Communist And a New Age Lightworker Empath of all sorts. Today I wanted to talk about Transgender people and their association with politics As well as talking about political ideology is […]

19 Jan 19

Violent Little Machine Shop has done it again with their newest morale patch the “It’s Ma’am” morale patch based on the angry transgender women who freaked out in the store. Violent Little Machine Shop states “Proving you can, in fact, grow up to be whatever you want. I’ve got money on this…person in a fight […]

19 Jan 19
Unruly Bodies

Caitlyn Jenner’s shocking transformation was no secret in the industry as it spilled into the tabloids and the media. As a public figure, olympic medalist and father she was in the lime light and had to endure a mass amount of public judgement. As spade discussed sex reassignment surgery has a lot to do with […]

19 Jan 19
COM 125: Social Media

by Brenda Mello #COM125mcc STEP 1- Celebrity With over one thousand and twenty-four million followers on Instagram alone, It is safe to say the Kylie Jenner has become the most in demand influencer in the social media world. Kylie Kristen Jenner is an American reality television personality, model, entrepreneur, socialite, and social media personality. She has […]

18 Jan 19
Footwear News

Plus nine more celebrities who took the challenge.

18 Jan 19
Archy news nety

Thanks to social media, the flame of a celeb beef is easier to feed than ever before. And the Kardashians are the queens ruling to end these feuds to their advantage, even if their clapbacks can be a little cringey (or sometimes problematic). Over it See what happens live this week, the sisters were kind […]

18 Jan 19
News Archives Uk

Kendall Jenner took on the 10 Year Challenge as she made a defiant stand against the recent recent acne cream endorsement. Jenner was criticized for telling fans she would be making a "raw" and "personal" statement earlier this month, just to reveal her new face of skin care range ProActiv. Jenner has now opened up […]

18 Jan 19
Campus Craziness

Introduction Rewriting our reeducation process refers to my solution to the problem that is students graduating from university more confused than when they went there in the first place. Often saddled with crushing debt they graduate with worthless degrees and go out into the world with an education that has no practical application. There are […]

18 Jan 19
The Coach's Team

from the American Thinker of January 17th by Jeannie DeAngelis Recently, Gillette, the company whose razors have shaved the faces of many a male, as well as the legs of many of a male identifying as a female, officially crossed over to the lassies’ side by launching a marketing ploy that portrays men as salivating […]

17 Jan 19

MIRROR, MY BEAUTIFUL MIRROR – Many celebrities enjoyed the "10 Years Challenge". The principle is simple: compare a photo of you dating back ten years ago with a photo today. 2019-01-17T17: 08: 52.496Z – Rania Hoballah This is the new challenge that entertains social networks. The "10 Year Challenge" invites Internet users to post photos […]

17 Jan 19

For decades, every year she’s been active in the transgender community, Isa Noyola has attended a funeral for a friend. As deputy director at the Transgender Law Center based in Oakland, California, she has met many community members who have the same experience. “Death, profound loss, the violence that surrounds us, it’s constant. It’s a […]

17 Jan 19

Salam, əzizim. Bu günə mövzumuz hamımızın yaralı yeridi. Son vaxtların dəbi olan o metroseksual krasavçiklərdən az çəkmirik. Oğlan xoşuna gəlir, layklaşırsız ama heç cürə əmin ola bilmirsən ki, görəsən geydi ya yox? Direct yazıb “salam, cavan oğlan, siz homoseksualsız?” soruşacaq qədər də vəhşi deyilik. Baxma daa ayıbdı, “mən sənin bildiyin oğlanlardan deyiləm, ləçər!!” desə nə […]

17 Jan 19
Aesthetic Magazine | Album Reviews, Concert Photography, Interviews, Contests

By: Staff – Iconic music legend and humanitarian Steven Tyler announced the return of his GRAMMY Awards Viewing Party to benefit Janie’s Fund on Sunday, Feb. 10, 2019 at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. Hosted by Jane Lynch, the exclusive gala promises to be an unforgettable night building off of the inaugural celebration in 2018. Featuring a can’t-miss performance by Aerosmith, the […]