24 Jan 19
Waxing Moon's Trek

Stalwart Bastion stepped up to the the riverside, holding out a uneven cut of parchment before him, a decided thoughtful expression upon his face. The lopsided gait of the the craftsman was counter-beat to the steady jingle of Waxing Moon’s scale mail. The ever-present winds of the Abalathia’s Spine caught the older roegadyn’s coat and […]

23 Jan 19
World Site News

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is a formidable campaigner. In speech, she can be firmly soft and softly firm, deftly using her charisma to connect with the audience.She first donned the mantle of poll campaigner in 1999 in support of family friend and Congress candidate Satish Sharma. His BJP rival in those elections in Rae Bareilly was…

23 Jan 19
Women's Web: For Women Who Do

Age is merely a number. A small leap of faith can often be exhilarating and make one realize that life begins at forty. Mommies become girls when they decide to throw caution to winds, get rid of their imaginary fears and leave their inhibitions. I have moved to a new place and found a new […]

23 Jan 19
Silent Truth

The maxim ‘there is no permanent enemy, only permanent interests‘ fits the character of the political class of our country if one peeps into the history and precedents of horse trading, alliance/coalition, and behind-the-scene understanding before and post-election. Incidentally few things happen in India annually. They are religious Festivals, Sports events prominently cricket, Sarkari functions, […]

23 Jan 19
best checked luggage flying

International Air Traveling With My Cats Disclaimer: Please don't hate me. I don't need criticisms or hatred or judgments. I need advice. I am in Korea right now and have been away from my two 10 month old cats for over two months now. I was sent away in business trip with my current employer, […]