Calico Critters

19 May 19

Calico Critters Adventure Tree House Gift Set – 3 Critters and 4 Playsets – New – Buy – Calico Critters Adventure Tree House Gift Set – 3 Critters and 4 Playsets – New

18 May 19

The citizens of Calico are staking claim to new territory. They are taking to the wild river just outside of town to make their way West, toward wilderness and adventure . . . and you’re invited to join them. But beware . . . there’s rumor of a giant Bigfoot in the woods.   On […]

18 May 19
The Hog Blog

My birthday is still 3 months away, but it’s never too late to dream about new toys, is it? (The list isn’t in any particular order). 10. A Furby It’s no secret that I love Furbies. My deep, dark obsession with them started around 7 months ago, and it’s been going strong ever since. But […]

14 May 19
STEAM Homeschool Co-Op

If your child has participated in STEAM’s Hand Works elective offered on Wednesdays this spring, you may have seen or heard about a creation that looks something like this: I was pretty impressed when my eight year old was able to show me how to weave on one of these cardboard looms when I visited […]

13 May 19
Chicks on the Case

I have no problem with people knowing how old I am (62). I’m actually quite content being a woman of  “a certain age,” as the French like to say. After all, the longer you’ve lived, the more you’ve experienced and learned in life. As a result, us older folks tend to see things in more […]

12 May 19

Calico Critters Adventure Tree House Gift Set – 3 Critters and 4 Playsets – New – Buy – Calico Critters Adventure Tree House Gift Set – 3 Critters and 4 Playsets – New

11 May 19

Now that Knott’s Boysenberry Festival has come to an end, the park is preparing to splash into summer with something exciting. In preparations for the heat and expected crowds, there are going to be some exciting changes. The updated Calico River Rapids opens next week, along with the recently announced summer entertainment lineup. From the […]

09 May 19
Island Sand Paper

When the calendar turns to May, Fort Myers Beach transitions from tourist season to off season. While the Lee County Parks & Recreation Nature Walks are officially over until December, there are still programs available to marvel at the natural side of Estero Island. One such activity is the free Guided Beach Walk offered each […]

09 May 19
Crip HumAnimal

Rachele Totaro is a photographer and vegan activist from Italy. I got to know her work through her beautiful portraits of former laboratory rats. In this interview she talks about her journey into veganism and her volunteer work for several organisations. And also about the animals she captures in her photographs: the donkeys from the […]

06 May 19
Cat Spydell

The lizard likes my pillow. It’s weird out here, how I am getting to know the local flora and fauna more each day. There is an elusive hummingbird I’ve only met twice; once by my van parked in the meadow, and after I complimented him on his beauty and prowess, he came to visit me […]

02 May 19
Xander Culver Photography

And just like that the wheels left the tarmac and I wasn’t in Haiti any more. The flight had actually left on time (my first flight out of Port-au-Prince not to leave an hour late) and the view of Hispaniola moved out of the window. An hour-and-a-half later, I landed in Miami. After clearing customs […]

24 Apr 19
Wishcraft Studio

*Looks around* Hello! How were things for you in 2018? How’s 2019 going so far? I’m very sorry for dropping off the online map for so long. I needed to recalibrate and refocus after some changes that happened at the end of 2018. It actually started at the end of 2017 when I learned my […]

21 Apr 19
Alice Vilhelmina Gablonsky

Happy Easter!! Today we celebrated Easter! It was a very Calico Critters Easter. Grandma and Grandpa Cotey sent the Hopscotch Rabbit family, and the Easter bunny brought the Deer family. There was an egg hunt at Madison Park, and we saw a few friends from preschool. It was fun to see the Easter Bunny! Just […]

21 Apr 19
Rachel Portmann

There has been a minimalist in my midst as of late. Not within my direct tribe, but close enough for me to observe from a safe distance, which I have been doing with fascination for several months now. If you were to set foot in this person’s office, it would be fair for you to […]