Calico Critters

20 Mar 19

* This post contains affiliate links which means I receive a small commission (if you make a purchase) at no extra cost to you. You can read more about this in my disclaimer* Easter is about a month away which means parents all over are deciding what to put in their child’s Easter Baskets. I don’t […]

19 Mar 19

A short list of just some of the women killing it in a man’s world

18 Mar 19
Callie Dawson

I decided to go with the dollhouse-based design from Journal #1. I took inspiration from generic dollhouses and Calico Critter houses, as well as my old house in Sonoma. As mentioned in my journal entry, the mouse and the spool of red thread are a reference to The Tale of Despereaux:   Here’s my initial […]

14 Mar 19
The Re-Farmer

The other of our shy calico/tortie siblings, posing nicely for the camera. Of the Guildenstern or Rosencrantz pair, I think I’ll settle on calling this one Rosencrantz. They can be hard to tell apart, but this one has quite a bit more orange on her body.

13 Mar 19
The Re-Farmer

The calico/torties are very shy, so it’s always nice to finally get a good photo of either of them. We call them Rosencrantz or Guildenstern, but I think I’ll settle on calling this one with more dark in her fur, Guildenstern.

13 Mar 19
Island Sand Paper

Part 1 – Early Settlers Are you new to Fort Myers Beach? Perhaps a returning visitor or a resident who wants to know more about this 7.5-mile-long glorified sandbar? Let’s gallop across the sands of time to capture moments from the fascinating early history of Estero Island, now called Fort Myers Beach: a place many […]

11 Mar 19
The Journey of Parenthood...

So far I’m liking splitting the monthly posts in half and having a mid-month and end of month update. You can read about our family’s first half of February here. Kye As always, we continue to be so proud of Kye. When I was reviewing my goals from 2018 I saw that one of my […]

09 Mar 19
Treehouse Schoolhouse

I have been working on something for you guys for a little while and am excited to share it with you today! One of my favorite things about following other homeschool accounts on Instagram and blogs is discovering the resources and products that other families use and love. I love seeing them in real life […]

08 Mar 19
Moving forward

It was fundraiser night for the kindergarten so we went to dinner to support them. Then I came home and was trying to think of my next post. I have a few started but I need to add more. My daughter said that she was going to help me write my blog tonight. So tonight […]

05 Mar 19
Red Tricycle

Photo: Kristin Van de Water “Where can I put this, so nobody gets it?” my daughter asked, holding the half-finished art project she was working on as I pushed three kids and my husband out the door for 8 a.m. school drop-off. “In your drawer,” I suggested, knowing my two-year-old wouldn’t venture into that off-limits […]

28 Feb 19
Cheryl L. Bradley

***Update*** The pampered little princess is still at the vets. They are calling her “Chicken” since she was found in the road. She is doing much better and should be on the way to her new home soon!   Text from my daughter this morning…”I left work early yesterday with a sinus cold. I’ll be […]