California Moonrise

14 Jun 19

What counts as a life well-lived? I’ve been thinking about mortality a lot lately (even more than usual!) and wondering whether I’m making the most of my time.  I keep remembering a great Seinfeld scene where George meets Jerry and Elaine right after attending a funeral: GEORGE:  They always make me take stock of my […]

14 Jun 19
RockView live

Featuring  The Used, Thrice,  Circa Survive, Sum 41,  The Story So Far, Atreyu,  Sleeping With Sirens, Meg & Dia and more, in select cities Tickets On Sale Starting This Friday, March 29th  at 10am Local Time March 25, 2019 – Featuring some of the biggest bands in rock as well as the genre’s rising stars, The Rockstar Energy Drink DISRUPT Festival is a brand-new music experience making its […]

11 Jun 19
The Utah Review

Many artists at the Utah Arts Festival‘s Artist Marketplace have unique stories to relate not only about their art but also about the creative and educational path they took toward becoming artists. Also, many now work full-time as artists. Among the 68 newcomers to this year’s Artist Marketplace, the largest ever for the Utah Arts […]

11 Jun 19
A Work in Process

My excursions to the Mojave National Preserve for its superb star parties/gazing have transformed me into a bit of a “dark sky hunter”, or at least fan.  Just looking at a dark sky (or light pollution) map, such as at DarkSiteFinder, makes me dream of where else in California the Milky Way and its countless […]

10 Jun 19
Typee Redux

I was almost delirious with relief, excitement, & exhaustion. In the last few hours, the passage between Niau, Toau & Fakarava, had required all three of us to be up top every minute. The intense navigation of a pass of only a few hundred yards- which doesn’t feel like much aboard a 60ft vessel- then […]

08 Jun 19
Bad Movie Twins

Rich and Elvira the tree monster nanny are smooching hard. It’s real sexy and steamy and inappropriate to describe the scandalous nature of their forbidden love. Oh how forbidden! What a mismatched pair! What a indecent proposal! What a fatal attraction! What a… uh… wild orchid! In between bouts of steamy make-out sessions Elivira reveals […]

06 Jun 19
Volker Nawraths Blog

Front Page / Titelseite Mars – NASA InSight Robotic arm will raise the support structure and help the Mole hammer new plan to support the German Aerospace Center (DLR) Mars ‘Mole’ that is part of NASA’s InSight mission. The Heat Flow and Physical Properties Package (HP3) Mole is a self-driving penetrator that has hammered itself […]

02 Jun 19
News Africa Now

By Mohamed Belkhayat Rabat – On May 8 however, I happened to gaze at the sky after Iftar and the new moon was so clear and so high in the sky I thought for sure it was at least three days old, and I promised myself I would research it and write about it. I […]

31 May 19

It’s Such a Beautiful Day (directed by Don Hertzfeldt) From my review: Hertzfeldt can take us to heart-rending moments of illumination. There’s a memory Bill has of a time when he was staring out at the sea and contemplating “all the wonderful things he will do with his life.” That moment is led into with […]

28 May 19
Road Trippin' with the Green's

First, I want say Happy Memorial Day. THANK YOU to all of the Veterans and families who sacificed their lives for this country. We appreciate your sacrifice and service. We salute you. Travel RECAP We got home from our 20-day adventure on Friday, 5/24/19. We traveled a total of 4,138.5 miles and visited eight states; […]

27 May 19
Slayer of Windmills

Anyone who loves painting is probably familiar with the term “a painter’s painter”. It is a double-edged sort of a phrase that can be both praiseworthy and back-handedly disparaging at once. On the one hand, it suggests a skillfulness so subtle and specialized that only another practitioner of the same art would be equipped to […]

27 May 19
Charlotte Gibb Photography

Spring is one of my favorite seasons to thoroughly experience Yosemite National Park. Each month brings new, unique conditions and photographic opportunities. The following photographs were made over the course of three Spring visits to Yosemite Valley this year. March In March, the angle of the sun is still low, creating rainbows and other nice […]

26 May 19
The Arcata Interfaith Gospel Choir sends a big THANK YOU to all the local businesses, volunteers and individuals who supported our 27th Community Prayer Breakfast and Concert which was a spirited and joyful occasion and a resounding success thanks to so many people: Abruzzi, Plaza Grill & Moonstone Grill, Amanda Melendrez Massage, Amigas Burritos, Antich Automotive, Arcata Playhouse, Arcata ProFloor, Art Center Frame Shop, ArtFelt Designs, Ash Beads, Benbow Historic Inn, Booklegger Used & Rare Books, Bubbles, Cal Courts, Caravan of Dreams, Carman Gentile Piano Tuning, Casa Lindra, Chapman’s Gem & Mineral Shop, Debbi Kallish, Dell’Arte International, Devora Kaufman, Don’s Donuts, Drew Forsell, Ellie Snedeker, Eureka Symphony, Ferndale Repertory Theatre, Finnish Country Sauna & Tubs, Fire & Light, Fish Brothers, Fit Nor Cal, Gypsy & Lolo, HealthSport, Heart Bead, Heartwood Studios Furniture Repair, Holly Yashi, Hot Knots, Humboldt Cider Company Tap Room, Humboldt Craft Spirits, Humboldt Herbals, Humboldt Pet Supply, HumBrews, Janine Volkmar, Jeff Stanley, Judi Tarpey, Keri Raphael, Lianne Montano, Lightening Strikes, Lighthouse Grill, Los Bagels, Mad River Farms, Mad River Gardens, Makino Studios, Mantova’s Two Street Music, Mateel Community Center, Matt Niesen, Maya Conrad (Coldwell Banker), Meer Image, Mere Aldrich, Moonrise Herbs, Murphy’s Market (Sunny Brae), Natural Decadence, Nona Lena’s, Northern California Pet Supply, Northtown Books, Panache! Hair Salon, Ramones, Rays Food Place (Arcata), Renata’s Creperie, Robin’s Mosaics, Savage Henry Comedy Club, Sentient Beading, Sierra Martin, Sue O’Kiefe, The Griffin, The Works, Tiger Touch Massage, Tofu Shop, Tosha Yoga, Wildwood Music and Christine Ross, Wise Dyes Christian Tee Shirts, Zen Home Decor & Exotic Gifts. We would especially like to thank our continuing sponsors, Wildberries Marketplace, Redwood News, KIEM-TV, Coast Central Credit Union, Humboldt Sponsors and Bug Press. Halimah Collingwood writes on behalf of the choir, and resides in Arcata.
22 May 19
JCM Natural History Photography

Several members of the  THS made a recent field trip to the Kino Bay region of Sonora, Mexico locate the blue-collared lizard, Crotaphytus dickersonae known to the locals as Escorpion de la Piedra. The species was described in 1922 by Karl P. Schmidt based upon a specimen from Tiburon Island in the Gulf of California […]