16 Feb 19
In The Know Cycling

Camelback CHASE BIKE VEST 50 OZ 2019A minimal approach to gear storageCamelback designed the Chase Bike Vest for riders who want to take a minimal approach to carrying gear without sacrificing hydration and performance. Features such as the…

15 Feb 19
London to Brighton 2019

So I signed up for this 100km walk back in August 2018 and didn’t think much about it. Well, I kept intending to get some training done and then basically let any excuse stop me. Come January I realised I either need to train, or not do it. Having already advised some people I was […]

14 Feb 19
Pacific Rep Works

Pick up this months copy of Trail Runner available digitally here to see their editor’s choice vest: The CamelBak Women’s Ultra Pro Vest.

14 Feb 19

“Yo puedo, yo puedo, yo puedo.” That’s all I could hear in my mind today as I pushed myself to the limit during my first race of the season. I have a very limited Spanish vocabulary, but it’s funny how 2 weeks in Spain has made all of my Spanish education come rushing back into […]

12 Feb 19

Hey! We’re in the era of healthy living and staying hydrated is part of it. That’s not hard to do, right? Sure, all you need to do is to grab one of the best sports water bottles on the market and you’re good to go! Speaking of water bottles, don’t just buy any. A good […]

09 Feb 19
The Travelling Spartan

Sunday 10th February 2019 Today I’m entering my first running event. In true style to myself this will be the furthest I will have run in one go! (8 miles previously) Alarm set for 7, I know it’s going to take an hour to get there so plan to leave around 8 to make allowances. […]

09 Feb 19
Inside Our Suitcase

After racking up 110,000km in air miles in 2018 we both figured it was about time we shared our list of long flight essentials. This includes what to bring and what to wear on a long flight. This article is appropriate for anyone of any age, whether you’re travelling as a solo traveller in economy […]

09 Feb 19
Chasing Departures

When you are flying with a puppy, there are certain things you need to bring. When I first started traveling with a puppy regularly there was a huge learning curve to it. I knew how to navigate airports well enough and pack my own bags, having to care for a puppy along the way too […]