Camilla And Marc

19 Jul 19

Lucy MacDonald Connolly & Ruoxin Zhou Australia owes the 10.2% growth in its luxury retail industry to Chinese consumers High spenders now seek more unique, creative brands Majority of successful luxury brands work with KOLs to reach their target audience and tell their brand story   Australia has Chinese tourism to thank for a 10.2% […]

18 Jul 19
Découvre ta prochaine lecture

Voici ma p.a.l : (Si vous voulez une Lecture Commune, n’hésitez pas à me demander)! Gaïa Alexia : Adopted love tome 1. Adopted love tome 2. Baby Random tome 1. Baby Random tome 2. Molly Night : Dark and dangerous love tome 1. Dark and dangerous love tome 2. Dark and dangerous love tome 3. […]

10 Jul 19

by Jim Korkis, contributing writer for MousePlanet I’ve written about Captain EO before for MousePlanet and that material has been cut and pasted on many different sites over the years including one devoted just to Michael Jackson, usually without citation to me or MousePlanet. It is one of the disadvantages of sharing information on the […]