Camilla Cabello

20 May 19
How did your favourite celeb react to watching Game Of Thrones (Picture: REX/ Instagram) ***Warning: Contains spoilers for Game Of Thrones season eight.*** Game Of Thrones has officially ended after an eight-year reign as the biggest television show on the planet, but how did your favourite celebrities react to the finale? After last week’s heated battle at King’s Landing, Cersei Lannister was killed after being crushed by the falling walls of the Red Keep – leaving the battle for the Iron Throne wide open between the surviving characters. After being convinced to take a stand by Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage), Jon Snow (Kit Harington) kills Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) in the throne room during a kiss embrace with a dagger. As Drogon looks set to burn Jon alive, the dragon directs his flames towards the Iron Throne itself – burning it into a molten mess before flying off with Daenerys’ body. The leaders of Westeros agree to bow to Bran, apart from sister Sansa who wants the North to remain independent from King’s Landing rule. He agrees, leading Bran to become Bran The Broken, ruler of the six kingdoms. This decision, however, comes at the cost of Jon Snow – who is forced to return to the Night’s Watch, stripped of his titles and unable to have children in order to keep peace with the Unsullied following his crimes of killing Daenerys. Not everyone liked the ending (Picture: HBO) There has been some mixed reaction to the ending, with many viewers flocking to social media with their own little reviews. Of course, some many famous faces – inducing former cast members – popped up amongst those with a lot to say. Narcos actor Pedro Pascal, who played Oberyn Martell in Game Of Thrones, had a few words for critics. He tweeted: ‘Shut up, it was perfect. #GameofThrones.’ YouTube sensation KSI, however, was seemingly more excited that the show was over than anything else. ‘Me knowing I don’t have to see Game of Thrones on my timeline anymore,’ he shared with a meme of someone getting into bed to sleep peacefully. Diplo re-shared an old tweet that said: ‘maybe it was never about the iron throne but, the friends they made along the way.’ He was, of course, referring to the fact Drogon melted the Iron Throne after seeing his dead mum – Daenerys, of course –  lying in a pool of her own blood. Adding to his new tweet, with a picture of the Throne on fire, the American DJ added: ‘ And you all laughed at me. ‘ A shocked Ninja, ‘BRAN DUDE BRAN?!?!?!? BRAN?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!’. We see the famous online streamer made good use of his caps lock to get his point across, and he wasn’t the only one. Comedian Kid Fury, tweeted, ‘Drogon ACTED’ while Grammy winner Cynthia Erivo shared: ‘Bran is a BADMAN!!! Always a word!!! Ruler of the damn 7 kingdoms!!! #GameofThrones’. Camilla Cabello documented her night in watching the show with a glass wine and wrote on her Instagram: ‘IN THE GAME OF THRONES, YOU WIN OR YOU DIE.’ [metro-video id=”1928642″ video=”” image=”” expires=”27-05-2019″] A nostalgic Lili Reinhart paid tribute to show in her own way. The Riverdale actress shared: ‘Started watching when I was 16. Sad to see it end. #GameOfThrones’ [metro-tag-post-strip] Before the episode aired, a number of the cast posted emotional farewells to the show, including Sophie Turner, Emilia Clarke, Jacob Anderson and Gwendoline Christie. Game Of Thrones is available to stream on HBO, Sky Atlantic and NOW TV. [metro-fact-box id=”7022752″ title=”Got a showbiz story?” icon=”exclamation” /] [metro-link url=”” title=”Who died in the Game Of Thrones finale and which cast members from season 1 remain alive?”] [metro-link url=”” title=”The Walking Dead congratulates Game of Thrones on season 8 finale”]
15 May 19
Aritistic side of Elisabeth Anne

So, usually I write random thoughts I have and maybe one day I’ll post those stories I have. Probably not. Anyways, I thought I’d try something new. Here are some songs that make me feel safe and happy. More Serious songs: Exhale: Sabrina Carpenter Be alright: Ariana Grande Breathin: Ariana Grande Fake Smile: Ariana Grande […]

13 May 19

Though half of her heart famously remains in Havana, it seems the rest of Camila Cabello is increasingly tethered to Hollywood. And the 22-year-old pop music superstar recently cemented those Tinseltown ties with the nearly $3.4 million purchase of a Mediterranean-style villa in the proverbial heart of town. Call the 3,570-square-foot casita a celeb-style starter […]

13 May 19

Though half of her heart famously remains in Havana, it seems the rest of Camila Cabello is increasingly tethered to Hollywood. And the 22-year-old pop music superstar recently cemented those Tinseltown ties with the nearly $3.4 million purchase of a Mediterranean-style villa in the proverbial heart of town. Call the 3,570-square-foot casita a celeb-style starter […]

08 May 19
Linh Nguyen

The cosmetics industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the U.S. and worldwide. In 2018, the U.S. cosmetic industry’s annual revenue was roughly 57 billion dollars, with skincare products occupying 34.1 percent of that. The top cosmetics companies with the highest brand values include L’Oreal, Lancome, Johnson’s, Channel, and Maybelline (Statistic Brain 2018). […]

04 May 19
Laughter & Love

Hello! This is my Girl Power playlist, the one I listen to when I want to get hyped, or just want to listen to some badass women do what they do best. Most of these songs are a little old, but they are still good. Without further ado, My Girl Power Playlist Run the World […]

03 May 19
NS Oracle

By: Dream Nelson Prom is an annual tradition students and parents usually spend months preparing for. From picking out dresses to where you’re going to eat dinner, we make sure to plan it so it can be the best night of the year. Prom 2019 at North Springs was an amazing success. The venue was […]

03 May 19
Ashley’s Blog

This week I am going to be recommending another artist that I have been listening to a lot lately. Bazzi is mainly known for his most popular songs “Mine” (which initially became famous through the use of a snapchat filter using the song) and “Beautiful” featuring Camilla Cabello. Although he has become quite well known […]

02 May 19

Ten months ago, music industry executive Sylvia Rhone, a three-decade veteran of the major label system, and then the president of Epic Records, stood in front of a hotel ballroom full of entertainment top creators, influencers and visionaries to make a plea. With the likes of Jemele Hill, Migos manager and Quality Control co-founder Coach […]

30 Apr 19
Us Weekly
When it comes to her hair, Chaka Khan has one rule: bigger is better! Stylish had a chance to sit down with the legendary singer to discuss her new wig line Chaka by Indique — which features two iKhanic wigs in curly and straight styles — and, in the process, the “I’m Every Woman” singer opened up about struggling with her own self-image and how she learned to love herself.  “Growing up my hair inspiration was always [political activist] Angela Davis. She was the first big hair I saw, and I liked that a lot.” Khan tells Us. “We were in the afro-centric phase, so my friends had huge ‘fros, but mine would fall down a little and [I’d] hairspray it all up. That was the first style that inspired me. The big hair is always what I liked.” [ami-related id=”- Click to search articles -” url=”” title=”Wigging Out! Stars Are Mixing Up Their Hair Looks With Wigs” target=”_blank” inset=”false”] View this post on Instagram The iKhanic Collection 💋 Coming soon! Visit! #ChakabyIndique #EveryWomanEveryWear #iKhanicCurl #chakakhan A post shared by Indique Hair (@iloveindique) on Apr 25, 2019 at 5:00am PDT But even her iconic locks and larger-than-life stage persona couldn’t stop her from questioning her value in the industry. “I’ve been rock and rollin’ for over half my life — more than half. I started at 18. I’m 66 now,” she recalls. “I spent a large part of my life feeling alien to myself and feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. I didn’t like myself for a long time.” [ami-related id=”- Click to search articles -” url=”” title=”Celebrity Hair Transformations of 2019: New Haircuts, Color, Bangs, Extensions and More” target=”_blank” inset=”false”] But that all changed as she watched her granddaughter, Raven Alexis Genine, grow into herself. “She’s big and beautiful and she loves herself so strongly, and it was her who gave me lessons on how to love myself, she really did,” Khan shares. “She’s like a hoochie mama from way back! She’s beautiful and her spirit is out there for everyone to see. Her persona and beauty and love of herself is what is big and I love it.” View this post on Instagram Stay tuned for a special announcement tomorrow! 💋#ChakabyIndique #EveryWomanEveryWear #ChakaKhan A post shared by Indique Hair (@iloveindique) on Apr 24, 2019 at 8:04am PDT She now enjoys a similarly empowered sense of self and hopes to share all that she’s learned with young women. “I really did start only in the last couple of years to love my look, but it’s more in the way I feel about myself inside. I could come in like Lady Godiva, buck-naked, and feel beautiful! I feel empowered inside now,” she explains. “I’ve got lots to share, and I want to share it with the younger people … and help them.” [ami-related id=”- Click to search articles -” url=”” title=”Celebrity Braided Hairstyle Ideas: Camila Cabello, Laura Harrier, Millie Bobby Brown and More Are Here to Inspire Your Next Plait” target=”_blank” inset=”false”] Another goal? Make women feel like the best version of themselves with her new wig line. “This is an exchange of power with this collection,” she says. “When woman do their hair, it’s their hair. If it’s s wig, clip-ins, a ponytail, afro puff or a weave — that’s their hair. I want them to feel like themselves, even in my hair!” [jwplayer R3b7Elhc-l3ahXupL]
29 Apr 19

So my name is Ammar! I’m about to turn 16 on October,18. I from Pakistan. I’m a pure Muslim! I’m in high school. Bookaholic, a writer-in-training, trys to a song writer, humanitarian, RnB/Soul lover! A big foodie who loves to travel! Learned to interpret the world around me through words when I was kid. A […]