Canadian Down And Feather

17 Feb 19
Catherine Levasseur

I always thought that spaghetti, basically spaghetti sauce on any kind of pasta, was an Italian dish that trickled down to the French Canadian, Quebecois, culture due to immigration in the 19th century. Poorer families in Quebec used pasta as a bed for anything. They threw in a large pot the fresh produces and meat […]

16 Feb 19
Lola's Travels in Alaska.

Bob the Penguin was on his way towards greatness. Sitting there in the barber chair, being waited on feather and fin, was just a small chapter in his otherwise grandiose life. “Monsieur Bob, what is your pleasure today?” asked Kenny Eye, the Barber to the Stars, somewhere on Alaska’s Riviera! “Perhaps a Ricky Ricardo will […]

16 Feb 19
The Page

Note: All currencies herein are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise noted. Summary Canopy Growth (CGC) is the largest cannabis company in the world because it has the best execution. On Feb. 14th, Canopy Growth reported its earnings and showed, once again, that they are the leader of the Canadian cannabis industry. The highlights of Canopy […]

15 Feb 19
Voyageur Heritage • • • Community Journal & Resource Guide

  by James LaForest The long nights of mid winter are drifting slowly by. Bellies full of boiled dinner, cabbage, potato, carrot (roots) and molten blueberries, last summer’s, bursting under crumble. It’s time to linger near the fire, the radiator, under the wool blankets, head upon a feather pillow, gathering dreams. If I’m not in […]

15 Feb 19
Croydon Arts and Crafts Blog

Hello again, and welcome to the Croydon Modern Art and Crafts Blog, and today I want to look at some more gorgeous and beautiful abstract and modern art by Helen Frankenthaler and Canadian artist Retrophiliac (Aka Margaux Wosk) from Vancouver, British Columbia, who in my opinion, is a talented and exciting upcoming modern artist with […]

15 Feb 19
Reading, Reading, Reading

Hi everybody and welcome back to Reading, Reading, Reading! Ashely from Falling Down The Book Hole is hosting the first ever Fierce Female Reads Readathon with the help of a few other fantastic bloggers (including myself)! It starts today on February 15th, and is running until the last day of the month – February 28th. […]

15 Feb 19
A Dinosaur A Day

By Ripley Cook Etymology: Terrible Claw First Described By: Ostrom, 1969 Classification: Dinosauromorpha, Dinosauriformes, Dracohors, Dinosauria, Saurischia, Eusaurischia, Theropoda, Neotheropoda, Averostra, Tetanurae, Orionides, Avetheropoda, Coelurosauria, Tyrannoraptora, Maniraptoromorpha, Maniraptoriformes, Maniraptora, Pennaraptora, Paraves, Eumaniraptora, Dromaeosauridae, Eudromaeosauria, Dromaeosaurinae   Status: Extinct Time and Place: From 115 to 98 million years ago, from the Aptian of the Early Cretaceous […]

13 Feb 19
The Adventures of a Trailblazejewski

“Divers always say they come in as customers, but leave as family,” Koz said with a smile from across the bar as I sipped the beer she’d handed me minutes after I arrived. She’d introduced herself as my instructor for the SDI (Scuba Diving International) Open Water course, and together we chatted about what had […]

13 Feb 19
Short Track Musings

As a result, Tuesday was one of the best nights of racing throughout the entire series thus far to date, and it will be interesting to see where we go from here over the next four rounds.

12 Feb 19
Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

In Celeste you play as a young woman named Madeline as she makes her way up a mountain while avoiding various deadly obstacles. Celeste received universal upon its release, even winning Best Independent Game & Games For Impact at the Game Awards 2018.

12 Feb 19

Bring Me the Horizon are back. There’ll be those out there who are delighted by this news, and those who will groan at the sound of it. If you want to understand why the Sheffield rockers are so divisive, check out my previous blog post, where I reviewed their 2015 album That’s the Spirit as a […]

12 Feb 19
News Exc Celebrity

Article and photos from

She usually favors sunnier-colored clothing to match her golden locks, but on Monday Paris Hilton opted for something a little darker and edgier.

The 37-year-old celebrity heiress rolled up to the Philipp Plein show in a sheer black outfit.

The reality TV star rocked a sheer dress with a black criss-crossing pattern that looked a bit like a spider’s web. 

12 Feb 19
Professional Industry Market Research

This recently published report examines the global Down & Feather Products market for the projected period of 7-years, i.e. between 2018 and 2025. The report highlights the accomplishments and opportunities lies in the market throughout the forecasted period. The report offers the thorough information about the overview and the scope of the global Down & Feather […]

11 Feb 19
Square Eyed World

January Highlights The Paper (Novine) S2 Netflix 01/01/2019Call My Agent! (Dix pour cent) S3 Netflix 04/01/2019Professor T S3 Walter P. 04/01/2019When Heroes Fly S1 Netflix 10/01/2019The Crimson Rivers (Les rivières pourpres) S1 More4 (WP) 11/01/2019The River (Elven) S1 Walter P. 15/01/2019The Restaurant (Vår tid är nu) S1 Sundance Now 17/01/2019Kingdom S1 Netflix 25/01/2019Medici: The Magnificent […]