10 Dec 18
We're All in This Together

 Since I last posted on October 19, 2018, life has been an absolute whirlwind. We moved out of our apartment in Troy, NY on October 31. Esmay and I flew home to Albuquerque to catch up with family we hadn’t seen in a long time, while Noah drove Wendy and Eevee to Austin to our […]

12 Nov 18
A DC Observer

Of Note— (1) The So-Called Great Times: Many Millennial Men Unemployed. Jeanna Smialek writes an article for Bloomberg to examine why 500,000 millennial men are missing from the workforce. Perhaps they want to avoid the reduced pay with increasing (and undercompensated) demands. The excuses that the economists offer in the article border on the nonsensical. Someone […]

03 Nov 18
Elizabeth K King, a.k.a. BeadyEyedBeth

I LOVE cats. I grew up in a home with no less than 3 cats in residence at any given time. Since my Sugar kitty died a few years ago, this is the longest stretch of time I’ve gone in my life without a cat in the house. I swore after Sugar’s stroke I would […]

27 Oct 18
Veterinary Mom Blog

There is a funny thing that happens when you mention the word “fleas” to a dog or cat owner. It creates a response similar to telling someone your family member has been afflicted with a flesh-eating bacteria. I will just come right out and say the dreaded “F” word and let the looks of complete […]