Caran Dache

04 Nov 18
Margaret McCarthy Hunt Art

On a Sunday morning she’s usually ticked up next to me on the sofa while I watch CBS Sunday Mornings and Super Soul Sundays. twisbee pen with dartrementis document brown ink stillman and birn alpha sketchbook. Caran dache neocolonial ii crayons. But I am in Atlanta and Zoe is home so no warm snuggly puppy. […]

29 Oct 18
Time And Gear

Is this the best contender in the division of fountain pens?

05 Sep 18
Margaret McCarthy Hunt Art

When I heard that the incredible Mona Reeves was modeling I decided to go for the day. And I am glad that did. Much left to do on both of them. Definitely getting a background. Leaning toward the main background color of either sap green or maybe a purple. And doing something like this Klimt […]

03 Sep 18
Margaret McCarthy Hunt Art

Finally a colored sketch!! Caran dache neocolor ii I’m super aquabee paper. Twenty minute sketch. Here’s the pencil sketch. I took another picture of the bride. Think she just pales in comparison. It was a ten minute sketch I think. And I gave the umbrella sketch away without so much as a picture. Darn. Best […]

01 Sep 18

Black Cat in Coloured Pencil George the Cat in Coloured Pencil By Ellie Burdett Well here we go – happy birthday Ellie – with a massive smile on my face because my wonderful husband has brought me a full set – yes full set of Caran Dache Luminance Colour Pencils for my birthday. As yet […]

23 Aug 18
Margaret McCarthy Hunt Art

After digging thru loose urban sketches on instagram Ruth and I decided to have a 15 min loosen up challenge at the Old mill and Market where she lives in Cloudlands. Great fun. We set a timer and only could draw and paint for that time. Some dummy left her sketchbook at Ruth’s and then […]

01 Aug 18

It took me at least three hours to finish the shading on my upper nipple Obviously I am still sharing energy with Trevor Brown who is giving me some kind of epic art lesson but also to a lesser extent – perhaps I am also sharing energy with the artist for the Caran Dache colouring […]

13 Jul 18
Margaret McCarthy Hunt Art

Have mixed emotions about my back porch squirrels. They gobble up the bird seed. I would rather the birds did. So what are they the one one right or the DEMON SqUiRReL!!! Demon squirrel lives in your attic and eats the woodwork the pots the plants the rubber tubing to the gas grill over and […]