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05 Dec 18
Amelia's Art Blog

Through constellation this term I’ve learnt to think about the world around me in a different light. It taught me to ask why when thinking about the visual and the way society focuses on the female’s visual presence. In the first week we were taught about the fundamental rules of beauty. The psychological responses to […]

27 Nov 18
Exploris 8th Grade

November 27, 2018 Exploris Grade 8 Dear Parents, Welcome back!  We are excited to kick off our next trimester as we leave the Convergence of our United States, rivers, and ideas – and wonder the bigger question.  Is there strength in divergence? Are diverse ecosystems better? Can we carefully observe the impact of diversity in […]

20 Oct 18
elaine crowe

link to presentation: notes: slide 1: there are lots of ways to think about site but i wanted this research to link directly with my work. the obvious way to approach ‘site’ would have been to look at site as landscape – a physical place but because i also work with and from the body […]

11 Sep 18
sammy brown

Minimalism is an extreme form of abstract art developed in the USA in the 1960s and typified by artworks composed of simple geometric shapes based on the square and the rectangle Minimalism or minimalist art can be seen as extending the abstract idea that art should have its own reality and not be an imitation […]

30 Aug 18
Carnival Cinema

I wanna do that, What you do, How do I do that? by guest writer Adrienne Truscott While sitting in my truck, in the rain in Philadelphia waiting for someone to jump me – I mean that in the vehicular sense – I got a text from an old friend, at Edinburgh Fringe for the […]

07 Aug 18

  Admission time….this began as a “Six on Saturday” post, and now it’s Tuesday!  Blame it on my photo card reader dying with no time to go to town for a replacement, or on the elderberries being ready to pick, and the peppers needing to be frozen, and the tomatoes desperate to be canned…it’s a […]

27 Jul 18
Dayana Marconi CRJ


17 Jul 18
My Lucky Charmed Life

There is this place that I know on a peninsula with a pond on each side and where the evergreens and Rocky Mountain Ash provide shade for the cabin that sits below.  The loons there will lull you to rest with their sad songs while on a clear night the stars cascade the sky for eternity. […]

03 Jul 18
Engraved Bracelets

The proper add-ons are frequently what will make the simple wardrobe possible. Whenever a man or woman’s eye is straight away attracted to a key bit of jewelry, say for example a fiery diamond ring, declaration broach, or unique pendant, what you are sporting gets nothing but a pleasant plus plain background. With such engraved bracelets […]

10 Jun 18
Story time with heather Pasley

40 things, from an average dude Thing 1 – Don’t complain about getting older to people who are older than you. They don’t want to hear it. Next time you do, look for that half-smile that looks like Dr. Sean meeting Will Hunting for the first time. It reeks of “oh to be young and […]

06 Jun 18
Itinerant Projects

PDF is here: Freedom in the Gray Zone by Olga Stefan Appeared in the September 2015 issue of Art in America in a shortened and slightly edited version, which you can download from the link above. “Photographs really are experience captured, and the camera is the ideal arm of consciousness in its acquisitive mood. […]

08 May 18
Viewpoint on Asian art in NYC

The film, titled Tripoli Cancelled, is a nonsensical (a little bit), disturbing (not really), light (maybe)piece about a man as he confidently wanders around a decommissioned airport  as if he is used to living there.  PS1’s wall text explains that it is loosely based on the experiences of Mohaiemen’s father being stuck in the same airport (Ellinikon […]