27 Mar 19
FUT Champions

We updated our FIFA 19 guide to incorporate the latest news in Squad Battles matches, as well as the latest SBC challenges, which join our guides, tricks and tips to master all game modes, from FIFA Ultimate Team mode to history mode, also learning all the news in control (new dribbling, how to perform all […]

27 Mar 19
Mia Rants

I was thinking macam mana nak celebrate birthday budak ni sebab minggu birthday dia, dia pergi jalan-jalan dengan family. The coming week pulak aku yang takde pergi holiday, lepas tu macam dah lewat so kena advance birthday celebration la jawabnya. Dah terpikir nak weekend gateaway pastu tetiba Yaya ajak teman pergi kenduri Zam kat Taiping, […]

27 Mar 19

Life is made up of friends and families and birthdays and faith and ups and downs. Last night was a celebration of family and life, a celebration of joy in the midst of just about anything.

27 Mar 19
The Love of Johansen 789

Magic Mirror Hire Chrisco Productions has actually been at the leading edge of providing the best event entertainment for over a decade. Formed by DJs Chris Hinds and Kraig Haughton in 2007, with a vision to deal with services and people to turn the events market on its head, Chrisco Productions are renowned for the […]

27 Mar 19
WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports | Fort Lauderdale

MIAMI (AP) — Chris Bosh stood at center court, looked out at the Miami Heat fans and just let the words flow. He spoke about his health scare in 2015. He spoke of his grandfather, the one he called Daddy Jack, the one who told his first grandson that he was going to be special […]

27 Mar 19
Ways To Discover A Stylish

Content by-Ratliff Hardy Too many people put to much importance on the wedding day and don’t give much thought to the many days after or the rest of their lives together. This article can help you to keep things in perspective and to remember that the wedding is just the first of many days of […]

27 Mar 19
Selecting The Right Wedding Event Vehicle

Authored by-Sykes Sivertsen Many cultures and religions have their own wedding traditions. Some couples let doves go after they say their vows, while others jump over a broom. The traditions seem countless. You may want to incorporate one of these traditions into your own wedding ceremony, or maybe come up with one of your own. […]

26 Mar 19
Rock Your Lyrics

How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs? I’ve got this little black notebook that I carry with me, collecting lyrical ideas, phrases, words that catch my eye out in the wild. I use this as my stockpile of imagery and ideas. Whenever I’m sitting down to write by myself or working out […]

27 Mar 19
Bon Bon Lifestyle Webazine

Get your 2019 Art Basel look ready for the extravagant art celebration around Hong Kong. With a touch of “Swinging Sixties” we’ve come up with 10 looks playing around the decade’s revolutionary free spirit for bold and artsy outfits. Check more: https://ift.tt/2JFuEig

27 Mar 19
Do What Matters Most

This may come as a surprise,  but the seasons and weather are very important to me. They give a percussive, underlying rhythm to my life and I walk by it every single day. There aren’t many days or even moments where I don’t view my life and what’s going on inside it within the context […]

27 Mar 19
Freedom Elementary Parent Activity Committee

Principal’s Report Dr. Seuss week was another success; Many items brought in for the Food Pantry 3rd/4th/5th Grades Winter Concert was wonderful Mother/Son sledding was a huge success; Weather was great for the event Brewing Independence—Coffee Shop (teacher-only orders) created with Mrs. Huebner’s students. It is well received 3rd Grade: A local Officer and his […]

27 Mar 19
The Blue and White

By Alice Xu, ’21. Photo by Yanping Li. Around the table from left to right: Zhongze ‘Gerald’ Zhao, Honglin ‘Victor’ Chen, Zurui ‘Andy’ Luo, Xichen ‘Steven’ Gao, Chuxiang ‘Terry’ Meng, Gezhi ‘Alena’ Hui, Sumeng ‘Alice’ Xu, Lei ‘Leo’ Huang On Monday, February 4, LCA North Campus celebrated the Lunar New Year with North Campus students, […]

27 Mar 19

Manuscript Deluxe Modern Calligraphy Set Features:

  • 3 Pointed Leonardt nibs.
  • Purple Pen Holder
  • 3 bottles of ink, Black, Pink, and Turquoise
  • Basic Instructions leaflet, to get you started