15 Dec 18

As you may or may not know, one of my goals of 2018 was to find a skincare routine that works. That meant that I would have to try and try different products. I think I have finally found a AM skincare routine that works for me. I also have a PM skincare routine I […]

14 Dec 18

[ RESTORE & REPAIR ] Reduces the look of dark circles and puffiness while restoring and rapairing the delicate skin barrier around your eyes with Marine & Botanical Complex for brighter, smoother, healthier looking eyes
[ ESSENTIAL CERAMIDES ] Formulated with with three essential ceramides (1, 3, 6-II) that help restore and maintain its natural protective barrier
[ PATENTED TECHNOLOGY ] Utilizes patented MVE controlled-release technology to help replenish ceramides and deliver long lasting moisturization

13 Dec 18
the girl with the most cake

I got sucked into the world of skin care products in 2018, and it has been a wild ride. My skin is not problematic, per se, but a bit unusual. I’ve been lucky to avoid acne, but still get the odd pimple from time to time. Thankfully nothing too severe but as my skin was […]

13 Dec 18
Beauty Tips Blog

I’m surprised to find that I haven’t ever done a full and proper review on Ameliorate’s cult body treatment, the lactic acid-loaded Transforming Body Lotion. I thought I had, but if I have then I can’t see it! Which wouldn’t be surprising, to be honest, because I can’t see a thing without my glasses on, these […]

13 Dec 18
Enough With The Fluff

I am not affiliated with any products I mention in this article. You want to get rid of your acne but it just seems impossible. I understand your struggle. I had acne from age 12 to age 19. I am 20 now and have FINALLY discovered how to get rid of my acne for good. […]

12 Dec 18
The Diplomat's Digest

I consider myself pretty #blessed to have oily skin. I know that may sound odd, but truthfully, I don’t think there’s anything worse than having dry skin. (Okay, I can think of quite a few things worse than that, but you get what I’m saying.) Dry skin is extremely noticeable, uncomfortable, and sometimes even painful. […]

12 Dec 18
the unveiled truth about motherhood

changing it up a bit and i’m going to share my skin care journey with y’all. growing up i had terrible acne. make up couldn’t even hide it as much as i tried. in fact it just made it worse! i begged my mom time and time again to take me to the dermatologist. eventually […]

11 Dec 18
Aggressively Helpful Lifestyle Blog

I have been thinking a lot about skincare products and routines and how much of it seems to be senseless/ unnecessary. I’m posting some of the rules that I have adapted in my own approach to skincare: these are mostly ideas that will a) ensure that I’m not  doing more damage than good to my […]

11 Dec 18

The 5 drugstore moisturizers you need to try. Its time to get acquainted with our list of skin-loving formulas that will leave your skin feeling untouchably subtle and not be so tough on your wallet. 1. Neautrogena Hydro Boost gel-cream $11.00 If you want your skin looking supple and hydrated every day, then this unique water […]

11 Dec 18
Olivia Green

I have been working mostly from home the past two days due to snow here in Apex (if you’re local, you know that everything here is shut down when it snows lol), and I thought I would write a quick post on winter skin care items that I have loved and used for years now! […]

11 Dec 18
December is a hectic month. Amidst all of the cookie-baking, gift-wrapping, and obligatory party-attending, it’s easy to forget to look out for number one. This year, give the gift of self-care by procuring an at-home spa kit full of products that’ll leave your recipient glowing for the new year. Best of all, this is something you can easily do on a budget. Head after the jump to see my selection of favorite beauty gifts for less than $20. Say it with a sheetmask In case you didn’t know, I am a huge fan of sheetmasks. It’s an easy — and generally inexpensive — way to sit back, relax, and forget about the worries of the day. CVS has a wide selection of sheetmasks from well-known brands such as Creme Shop, Peach Slices, Holika Holika, and others for under $5. Whether you’re seeking something straightforward or a mask with an interesting twist, you won’t be left wanting. For anyone who is suffering from dry skin as a result of the harsh winter air, pick up the Peach Slices Hydrate Mask for $2.50. This cotton sheetmask is soaked in an essence that contains thyme, rose, wild mint, and other nourishing extracts. Meanwhile, for some fun with masking, the Creme Shop Animated Animal Face Masks at $4 are a great option. Choose a penguin to help with a hydration or a narwhal to add some extra glow. Don’t forget the lip balm Dry, cracked, chapped lips? Not this season. Fortunately, there are some decently-priced lip balms that do a great job of protecting pouts from the bitter cold. Burt’s Bees is often my first choice when my lips need a hit of moisture. Macy’s has the perfectly gift-worthy Burt’s Bees 4-Piece Beeswax Bounty Holiday Gift Set for under $10. Not only does it contain the OG beeswax formula, it also includes vanilla bean, pomegranate, and mango flavors. Korean brand TonyMoly is known for its adorable packaging, and the Magic Food Banana Lip Balm is no exception. Also coming in at under $10 from Macy’s, this is formulated with banana extract, milk protein, coconut milk, and ceramide 3 for ultimate hydration. Plus, it comes with a convenient strap so it can be hooked to a keychain or handbag. Heads, shoulders, knees, and toes So far we’ve been focusing on the face, but truth is that the entire body needs extra TLC when it’s cold outside. Hands and feet, especially, can be prone to dry, rough skin. Yu-Be is one of the first moisturizers I ever used regularly. While it does come at a bit of a premium — $14 for a 1-ounce tube at Amazon — it’s worth every penny. This non-greasy formula is ideal for dry hands and feet, but it can be used just about anywhere on your body (even lips). Yes, it’s only an ounce of product, but trust me when I say a little goes a long way. Meanwhile, I have my mom to thank for turning me on to the CeraVe brand. Their entire line of body moisturizers is excellent, but for winter, I recommend picking up the 16-ounce Moisturizing Cream for $11 at Rite Aid. It’s full of ceramides, which keep your skin supple while helping it to retain moisture — an absolute must when temps turn frigid. Maybe this drugstore staple doesn’t seem gift-worthy on the surface, but the gift of soft skin is the best gift of all. You should still care about your hair ‘Tis the season for knit caps, beanies, and other cover-ups to keep heads warm. Thus, that means hat hair is inevitable, but the good news is that it’s easy to remedy. (Plus, who doesn’t want their locks to look lovely for holiday photos?) Earlier, I sang my praises for sheetmasks. Now I’ll be dedicating a chorus or two to hair masks. Count on deep-conditioning treatments to provide a salon-fresh feeling at home. I’m a fan of the L’Oreal Ever Pure Intense Repair Hair Sheet Steam Treatment Mask, which is now $4 at Target. It treats hair in just five minutes, leaving it healthier and stronger than ever before. The Deep Moisture variant works just as well. For something totally different, there’s the TonyMoly Haeyo Mayo Hair Nutrition Mask for $16 from Amazon. While it looks like something you’d slather on a sandwich, it actually contains a blend of shea butter, macadamia nuts, and egg yolk extract. Your hair will not only look good, it’ll smell delicious. But please don’t eat it…or your hair. Some final accoutrements Add some tiny bits of beauty paraphernalia to enhance the at-home spa experience. Headbands are an underrated accessory, but they’re essential for brushing hair out of your face while washing up. Of course, just about any one will do, but Creme Shop has an assortment of fun terry cloth headbands that are also comfortable to wear. Choose from a bow or a pair of cat ears for only $8 before shipping. Jade rollers have become a must-have beauty item lately. They can be used while sheetmasking to help the skin absorb product better, among other benefits. Pick up this well-reviewed Jade Roller Set for $19 from Amazon. In addition to a double-sided roller, it also includes a gua sha scraper, guide book, velvet pouch, and gift box. Finally, shea butter-infused socks are a comfy way to keep feet nourished and warm. Kohl’s has the 2-pack of Earth Therapeutics Shea Butter Thera-Soft Socks for $8. They have dotted grips on the bottom to prevent slippage while walking (because that would be embarrassing). Give the gift of self-care For the last several years, I have gifted my family and close friends little bags of beauty and self-care, featuring items like the ones listed above. They’ve always been a hit. If there’s one thing we’d all like to do — but seldom find the time to do — it’s relax. Giving someone you care about a box full of self-care goodies is a thoughtful (and economical!) way to tell someone, “Hey. Chill. You deserve it.” I hope you’ve enjoyed my guide of favorite beauty gifts! Did I cover any of your go-to items? Share your thoughts and recommendations in the comments.