19 Feb 19
Retake Our Democracy

Chaco Cyn Commentary to BLM is due today, amendments to SB 489 have been submitted to bill sponsors, and a curious twist in the hearing on SB 196, No Resources for Federal Immigration. That and NM joins 15 states in lawsuit to halt Trumps bogus national emergency. Call to action on SB 489. We are […]

18 Feb 19
Micah Tedeschi

On May 6th, 1903 Teddy Roosevelt told the people of the United States of America to “Leave it as it is”. Our 26th president was referring to a wild land and how it needs to be protected. 19 presidents later Donald Trump takes a very different stance on the matter.   On December 4th, 2017 the Trump administration announced […]

18 Feb 19
A Bushsnob out of Africa

Every year we embark on our annual migration that covers three continents: Africa, Europe and South America. We find this ideal. Not only we avoid the bulk of the rainy season in Zimbabwe but we also get to Uruguay and Argentina to take advantage of the summer time there. After our sojourn in the Americas […]

18 Feb 19

Argentina.-El hombre acusado de asesinar a su pareja a golpes en la cabeza con un hacha y enterrar el cuerpo en un campo de Marcos Paz, se negó este domingo a declarar ante el fiscal de la causa y seguirá detenido. Se trata de Pedro Sosa, quien este domingo fue indagado por el femicidio de Norma Catalina […]

18 Feb 19

100% water resistant polyester with nylon padded mesh back.
Versatile sling can be worn on either shoulder
Signature Chaco webbing. Adjustable padded strap with cell phone pocket. Key clip. 9 Liter capacity

18 Feb 19
Periódico Lea online

Las provincias que más bajaron sus volúmenes de venta en enero fueron Misiones, que llegó a una diferencia interanual de -29,50%; Chaco, -22,78%; Santiago del Estero, -22,15% y Corrientes, -21,9%.

18 Feb 19
Chinook Jargon

Women play a key role in two episodes recounted by an overeducated post-frontier central Washington farmer, who quotes Moses-Columbia Salish people’s Chinuk Wawa words.

17 Feb 19
Prone to Wander

Deuteronomy 6:4-9 I want to tell you what I’m all about. In my teens it was music.  I’ve always liked music; I can remember spending many middle-school hours listening to the radio in my room.  But in 9th grade my relationship with music changed forever, because in 9th grade I met Michelle.  During our fourth […]