Champion Lawnmowers

17 Dec 18
The Schlock Pit

As he waits for Scream Factory’s swanky new Blu-ray release to show up, Matty kicks back and extols the virtues of Tobe Hooper’s much-maligned schlocker. 

11 Dec 18

Probably my favourite GP3 car was/is the GP3/13: the looks, the sound, the fact it was tested by Kimi Raikkonen! Doesn’t get better than that. It had skirts, high nose (nowadays they can’t lower it enough! meh!), excellent track presence. You name it. Everything just seemed right with the world for a change in F1 […]

06 Dec 18

Today’s excerpt from the new edition of FORKING SEATTLE. Have you already bought a copy? Great! Please go to the book’s profile page on and post a review! It’s been over 35 years since Charles and Rose Ann Finkel opened their Pike Pub & Brewery. It’s such a fixture at the Market, you’d think it’s […]

05 Dec 18
Alex's Blog (still Crazy, still Stupid)...

Ask me to name one of my all time favourite sitcoms, and unquestionably, Richard Curtis’ classic BBC One staple from the 90s and 00s, The Vicar of Dibley, is somewhere in my top 5. The hilarious antics of the barmy country parish flock of St Barnabas, Dibley, in Oxfordshire, tended to by the show’s titular […]

05 Dec 18
Axl Keenan's Wrestling Blog

Armageddon (2005) Tonight’s show comes to us live from the Dunkin’ Donuts Centre in Providence, Rhode Island (I think it’s an outrage that it’s not called the “Dumb and Dumber Centre”). We get a look at the “set” and my God it’s literally just some scaffolding. The theme of this show is the end of […]

28 Nov 18

The Best and Worst of WWE Smackdown Live for November 27, 2018, featuring the return of Becky Lynch and a women’s battle royal to set TLC.

16 Nov 18
There are Stories Everywhere!

R-rated content is not only present in movies, but also books as well. One of the most famous adult authors is, of course, Stephen King. His books are notorious for being loaded with blood, gore and swearing. The novel Misery displays a good deal of Stephen King’s darker side of writing. In one particular scene, […]

16 Nov 18
God a Lady and her Lawnmower

My husband and I have been working on that dreaded bush which is turning out to be a little more difficult than first thought. It will probably take all summer to get it done lol. Last Saturday, we cut a huge grapevine in the hopes that it would make removing some of surrounding bush a […]