Charles Laughton

24 Jun 19
Wining About Herstory

First here is the chart of Actresses and their relationship from this time. Tallulah Bankhead Born: January 31, 1902     Died: December 12, 1968 What she did: Actress Facts: Tallulah was born on January 31 st , 1902 in Huntsville Alabama on her parent’s second wedding anniversary. Her father was from a political family and […]

22 Jun 19
Annefertiti's AstroMusings

Moon mother, yin maiden smiling from your silver empress throne Spin dreams and silken fantasy glide noiselessly on cloudless skies holding ancient pearly wisdom in your womb Nurture gently your creation Send fertile seed to earth like rain pulling softly on the tides of time and change (c) Sue Robertson 1987   Esoteric Keyword Phrases […]

21 Jun 19
Genetic Literacy Project

Get to know 26 films and TV shows that feature gene editing.

19 Jun 19

BERLOT BRECHT Berlot Bretcht ( real name Eugen Bethold Friedrich Brecht) was born in 1898 in Augsburg Germany and died in 1956. He was a poet, playwright and theatre director. He lived with his Mother who was a protestant and his father who was a catholic. His father worked in a paper mill and his […]

18 Jun 19
Once upon a screen...

Out of the blue I watched a new-to-me movie the other day about a retired Army Colonel who takes on corrupt politicians in his hometown in Georgia. The movie’s title is Colonel Effingham’s Raid, a 1946 comedy directed by Irving Pichel starring Charles Coburn as the title character. Colonel Effingham’s Raid has a lot going for it […]

18 Jun 19
wishyouwerehere: vintage postcards

A Letter Folder with 6 Natural Color Views with HOLLYWOOD FREEWAY GUIDE MESSAGE INSIDE I dare you to navigate around Hollywood using just this map. I DOUBLE DARE YOU! Let’s take a look at this “message inside:” Well, THAT’S a little presumptuous! How do you know I’m taking in ALL the sights?! What if I’m only taking […]

17 Jun 19
Alison Kerr's Jazz Blog

One of the strangest nights in the history of New York’s illustrious Carnegie Hall took place in November 1956 when Billie Holiday, the jazz singer now regarded as the greatest of them all, headlined a show entitled Lady Sings the Blues. What made it so unusual was not so much that a jazz star, and […]

16 Jun 19

On this tape, as part of BBC2’s Film Club (a slightly more serious precursor to Moviedrome) Actor and writer Simon Callow introduces Night of the Hunter, the only film directed by actor Charles Laughton. Callow wrote a book about Laughton, so he knows his stuff, and this is a very interesting introduction. The film itself is […]

15 Jun 19

  Are you the kind of cat who gives a damn about historical accuracy in film? Because if that’s your bag you’ll probably  have issues with Roger Donaldson’s The Bounty (1984) and its depiction of Captain Bligh (played here by Anthony Hopkins) and mutineer Fletcher Christian (a youthful post-Mad Max, pre-Lethal Weapon , pre-pre-drunken racist ranting […]

15 Jun 19

The Strange Door (1951) Wildly departing from Robert Louis Stevenson’s short story about a count who kidnaps a man to marry his niece, this Universal return to horror was assigned to director Joseph Pevney to rescue. Not even Charles Laughton could take it seriously, giving a performance that, according to his biographer, was “a nightmarish […]

15 Jun 19
My Geekdom

DOUBLE FEATURE: June 8th-She Done Him Wrong from 1933 (Director: Lowell Sherman, Writers: Harvey F. Thew and John Bright and Based on Diamond Lil 1928 play by Mae West, Stars: Mae West and Cary Grant, Cinematography: Charles Lang, Runtime: 66 mins) I’m No Angel from 1933 (Director: Wesley Ruggles, Writers: Mae West, Harlan Thompson and […]

13 Jun 19
B G Thomas - writer

Here are two lovely little re-posts from the Queerty and Guardian websites/blogs. I was looking for a few breaks in the guest posts, and I thought this was beautiful. I love it as a sign of previous times for gay people, how difficult it was, and how far we’ve come since then and since the […]