Charlie Whiting

14 Jun 19
Tight Lines

There’s still time for anglers to enter the JCAA Fluke Tournament which will be contested tomorrow at ports from Jersey City to Cape May. There are identical prizes at each of the seven ports, ranging up to $1200 for first. Yet, even those who never weigh a fluke are eligible for the many prizes to […]

13 Jun 19
Motorsport Clan

F1, Penalità Vettel in Canada: Mika Hakkinen si schiera dalla parte di Sebastian Vettel e Lewis Hamilton Anche il campione del mondo di Formula 1 1998 e 1999 ha voluto dire la sua sulla penalità assegnata a Sebastian Vettel al GP del Canada. Hakkinen si aggiunge alla lista dei piloti che condannano la penalità inflitta […]

13 Jun 19

Mika Hakkinen believes he and Michael Schumacher had more freedom to race each other than Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel currently have. Hamilton won the Canadian Grand Prix last Sunday despite crossing the line in second place, as Vettel had a time penalty. The stewards deemed that Vettel had rejoined the track unsafely after making […]

12 Jun 19
F1 and Coffee

The penalty that Sebastian Vettel received in Canada has triggered a major debate in the world of Formula 1, as many lament the over-regulation of the sport as was so candidly exposed during what might have been a riveting race in Montreal until it was cut short.The incident has kicked the proverbial hornet’s nest and…

12 Jun 19
NJ Motocross

Top 5 125/Open 2-Stroke (12+): 1. Vincent Telleri (Yam); 2. Kevin Quigley (Hus); 3. Deegan Harper (Ktm); 4. Brian Conover (Yam); 5. Alexander Infurna (Hus); 25+ “A”: 1. Dakota Kessler (Yam); 2. Jesse Pierce (Hus); 3. Chris Hunter (Kaw); 4. Michael Tippin Jr (Yam); 5. Larry Cella (Kaw); 25+ “B”: 1. Elliot Barber (Ktm); 2. […]

11 Jun 19
F1 and Coffee

Two days after the Canadian GP, Formula 1 remains split over whether the penalty that cost Sebastian Vettel victory was right or wrong. Nico Rosberg, who had a difficult relationship with his fellow German during his career, has fiercely sided with the stewards and backed Lewis Hamilton’s win. “He (Vettel) always think he is in…

10 Jun 19

[ad_1] The German driver was left angry after being handed a five-second penalty for having rejoined the track in an unsafe manner and forcing Lewis Hamilton off the circuit when he ran wide at the first chicane on lap 48 of the Montreal race. Read Also: Vettel was adamant that he had done nothing wrong, […]

10 Jun 19

We are disappointed that The Guardian has made an editorial decision to ignore the views of women by not publishing our response to their mendacious account of the attack on Julie Bindel when leaving a meeting in Edinburgh. This attack is symbolic of all the verbal, physical, online and workplace violence faced by women who […]

06 Jun 19

Golf MSGA Women At Spring Meadows GC, Gray Flight 1 Gross: Kristin Kannegieser 75, Prudence Hornberger 81, Kathy Crawford 82, Erin Weimer 85; Net: Cecily Whiting 70, Catherine Keeley 70, Carl Burnham 70, Stephanie Brady 73; Flight 2 Gross: Donna Brewster 92, Cheryl Cole 93, Susie Gravel 93, Karen Koulovatos 96, Corleen Garland 96; Net: […]

03 Jun 19
The Orwell Society

By Richard Lance Keeble Two new excellent ‘biographies’ of Nineteen Eighty-Four celebrate in different ways the 70th anniversary of its publication. Both Dorian Lynskey (in The Ministry of Truth: A Biography of George Orwell’s 1984, Picador) and D. J. Taylor (in On Nineteen Eighty-Four: A Biography, Abrams Press) manage to offer new insights and information. […]