Charlotte Russe

24 Apr 19
Archy news nety

Located in the suburb of Portland, Oregon, in the suburb of Beaverton, the Timberland Town Center, built in 2015, is located within a 105-acre planned community. The main tenants of the 92,000 square foot property include the Orangetheory Fitness, the Market of Choice, the Lush Salon & Spa and the Gentle Dental & Orthodontics. Image […]

24 Apr 19
99th District Tea Party

If you ever want to utter the words, “I’d rather try it on in person,” or even the now-dated, “want to go to the mall?,” you’ll want to take action sooner rather than later. According to new research, nearly 6,000 retail stores have closed already in 2019. For perspective, that’s more than the number that […]

23 Apr 19
Petite Fashion

Not many clothing items are easy to find multiple times. For example, you can buy many types of t-shirts and have them at your disposal, but you can also have that one pair of jeans you wear on repeat. I have a whole drawer full of t-shirts ranging for university shirts to concert tees. There […]

22 Apr 19
Britany Victoria

Converting to a sustainable wardrobe isn’t easy when you still have the echoes of your fast-fashion past haunting your closet. We all remember our days scouring the racks of the pristine warehouse-like stores of Forever21 and Charlotte Russe. The eye-catching low prices of websites like Asos and Romwe have gotten us pretty good in the […]

22 Apr 19

Happy Easter!!!! I don’t know about you but when I think of Easter I think of victory and resurrection. Easter is about so much more than a bunny and eggs. Easter is about Jesus rising from the dead. He went through the ultimate pain for us and died in the cross. Matthew 28:6 He is […]

21 Apr 19

I’m sorry. Does Christopher Stoll’s byline date read 2/26/95 or did my computer malfunction? Writers and artists in the 90s had a real nack for seeing into the future. Though current events confirm many of the trends, reporter Christopher Stoll deemed “baloney,” I agree with a few overarching points Stoll made. Computers and networks isolate […]

22 Apr 19
♛ 'T' is for Tiff

Stylish Sunday number __ (idk how many I’ve done lol)…

20 Apr 19

What do you do when your favorite Christian bookstore closes its doors? That’s a question many people are pondering all over the country. There’s simply no way to sugar-coat it. The first quarter of 2019 has been devastating for the retail industry. Among the chains announcing major closings are Payless Shoesource, Gymboree, Charlotte Russe, Family […]

19 Apr 19
Prisca Style Me

Happy Good Friday Peeps!!! I’m always super excited about Friday’s posts I don’t know why; maybe because of the weekend Just starting ! Nothing more inspiring on a Friday than a crisp Denim On Denim look!! How super chic is this whole fringe details on the top + bottoms ?? Tucked my fringe denim shirt in […]

19 Apr 19

Here we are, more than halfway into April and I’m just getting around to the March month in review. That will give you an idea of how things are going around here! There’s a little different format here this time. It was another month when I did not have time to browse the internet much, […]

19 Apr 19
Welcome to tea-town

LADIES!!! This news is going to hurt our feelings!! The latest fashion trendy store “Charlotte Russe” is set to close ALL of their stores in the US by the end of APRIL! YES APRIL! Due to online stores such as “Fashion Nova and Amazon” has cause their stores business to go down hill into to […]

18 Apr 19
Footwear News

The company’s private-label business was heavily impacted by recent retailer bankruptcies.