11 Mar 19

1).Chanel – #154 A lipstick that I like very much in the near future is dark red, very positive dark red, not brown or orange. The texture is very thin and light, although it is matte, it is not dry at all, and will not stick to the lips. 2)Shu uemura – Framboisesorbet This is […]

04 Mar 19

Slow down and enjoy a magic moment in the heart of the city. ⭐️You can find the perfect blend of essential oils to suit your mood, be it to create the perfect relaxing atmosphere, or to treat your body to a boost of energy. 🛀🏻 🏃🏻‍♀️ There is also a Mindful Corner, where you can […]

13 Feb 19
Tony Hymes

It’s hard to keep track of the brands that out-perform their peers in digital, but luckily L2 keeps a list that they update every year for their Genius brands. Take a look for inspiration!

07 Feb 19

The report entitles Global Eye Blending Brush Market offers accurate information and holistic view of eye blending brush industry. Further, the eye blending brush report additionally embraces the detailed investigation of the vend stats, Business opportunities so as to enable eye blending brush industry shareholders to take a vital decision on their future projects. The […]

12 Nov 18
Cruelty Free Laura

I take no shame in confessing that I love watching videos of people putting on their makeup. Especially when they know what they’re doing. I love watching the process, and an artist’s take on makeup always reminds of the ability for makeup to be expressive and creative. ‘5 Makeup Looks You Should Master’ – Pixiwoo […]

07 Nov 18

Every so often the universe is perfectly aligned and the stars are for you!! This happened for me when I spotted a Collab I never thought I’d see. Mac cosmetics and Look Fantastic. This box was full of delights to try out. Small eye shadow Amber Lights 1.5g a highly pigmented peachy gold shade with […]

25 Sep 18
Clever Girl

Oof, this is a lot of stuff to talk about. So it was my birthday last week, and I’m not an old dinosaur yet (J/K, basically crossed the threshold into my mid-thirties). My husband was kindly enough to feed into my makeup addiction, and got me a Sephora gift card. I already had a cart […]

02 Sep 18
Over 50 on the outside

I’ve tried a few new things recently on my fifty something skin. I have also used up a couple of things and as a make up addict, I don’t often do that. I’ll start with Pixi glow spray. All used up even though I’m not sure what it really did. I think it stopped me […]