19 Jun 19
Steve Rotter - Chicago Artist

Panasonic GH5S vs GH5. I have a GH5 and here’s why. Trying to decide between a GH5 and GH5s? In the end, the choice is yours…let me help to make it more clear. On the outside, very little has changed between the Panasonic GH5 and GH5s. The two cameras have the same design and dimensions, […]

06 Jun 19

Charvel Artist Signature Jake E Lee 6 String Electric Guitar, Blue Burst – Buy – Charvel Artist Signature Jake E Lee 6 String Electric Guitar, Blue Burst

02 Jun 19

Review on my fave. Charvel Skatecaster Transparent Red

02 Jun 19
Honest Amp Sim Reviews

Henric Liljesand and Johan Eskilsson are the two guitarists in Sweden’s Night Crowned. #1 – The guitar tone on the EP is unbelievable; there’s a very Abyss studios / Peter Tagtgren type feel to it. Was this on purpose or something that just sort of happened? Henric – I Can’t deny the impact most Abyss […]

23 May 19
Juca Nery Guitar

Based on two famous amps: Marshall Plexi and Mesa Dual Rectifier.  This pack contains: Charvel Clean Charvel Crunch Charvel Lead Charvel Solo Charvel Recti Not just for Charvel guitars, this pack works great with any Humbucker guitar!!! VIDEO DEMO Listen to all tones by order:

16 May 19
88MPH Press

Gnarly Magazine – Kustom Kulture Print Issue #8 – Spring 2019 Order Issue #8 of Gnarly Magazine, featuring lowbrow artists, pinstripers, sign painters, builders, hot rods, motorcycles, tattoos, humor, kustom kulture lifestyle, and more! 64 pages of full color glossy awesomeness! ORDER NOW at Full description below… INSIDE THE SPRING 2019 ISSUE: Artist Spotlight on: Danger […]

13 May 19
Sam Ash Used Gear

This is the Desolation DS-2 by Charvel. The guitar has some dings and dents throughout the body. It is also missing one  of the locking tuners on the D string. It was replaced with a generic part. (All displayed in pictures.) The guitar plays and feels good. It’s great for anyone who wants to play […]

09 May 19
The Tone King |


08 May 19
Loudhailer UK

Season 6 of the continuing chronicles of the Loudhailer Electric Company mothership and crew. Starring Leconauts Captain Lou Loudhailer, Sonic Architect Parsons, Ricardo the Astral Bard and Bombardier Walker.  Follow the adventurous antics of the Leconauts traversing the galaxy and encountering a myriad of marvellous musical lifeforms and dastardly villains as they venture forth to perform at […]