Chasing Fireflies

21 Feb 19
The Shadow's Bane

The second day in Alderos proved no more fruitful than the first. Ships arrived and left the cove town all throughout the morning and afternoon. Gaia spoke with captains of ships of High Elven nobility, captains of pirate ships, a first mate of a trading galley out of Faor, a smuggler from Asyria, and many […]

20 Feb 19
The Haunted Wordsmith

Billy’s parents needed some time – and space – away from the kids while they tried to work out their problems, so he and his sister, Molly, moved in with Grandma and Grandpa Jenkins for a few months. The summer passed quickly with days by the lake and warm nights spent chasing fireflies through the […]

19 Feb 19
Akron Moms and Kids

It’s not too early to get Easter PJs for the kiddos. There are some good sales and also most sizes are available. Here are my picks — 1) Gap Bunny Stripe PJ Set 2) All in Bloom Green from Hanna Andersson 3) Blue Bunny PJ Set from Gap 4) Night Night Sleeper in Swedish Yellow […]

18 Feb 19
Anne Raven

It’s week three of our Romance Edition blog tour, and today I’m honoured to host our fearless tour leader, Ken. So, grab your coffee of choice and pull up a chair as he tells us how he incorporates romance into his writing!   Q: How do you tackle romantic elements in your writing?   A: […]

17 Feb 19
The Jersey Housewife

You’re a stay at home mom. You wake up earlier than you did when you were working outside of the home. You rush down to grab a Baba for your toddler. You run back up to pick up the baby, feed her, and change her first diaper for the day. You brush your teeth, and […]

16 Feb 19

I’m fairly certain that those of us who choose to handspin yarn for fun commonly let the spinning get away from us. No, I don’t mean any sort of comical cartoon-like spinning wheel come unhinged and rolling down the street inexplicably leaving a trail of yarn in its wake while I chase after it (although […]

15 Feb 19
4 P's Travelling in our Pod

So, when I decided to take the boys for our first Epic Cross-Country Trip, back in 2017, “P”, my eldest son, was religiously watching the Treehouse guys and planning his future dream home in a tree. When I found out they had a resort in Seattle, Washington, I just knew I had to take him! […]

15 Feb 19

Firefly Lace Shrug Get it on Ravelry here: Noche Boliviana Shrug Donde esta la fiesta? This gorgeous shrug is as soft and shimmery as a starry night under a summer moon in La Paz. Worked in a simple rectangle then folded in half and stitched together to create the sleeves, this piece is as […]

14 Feb 19
Shivani Dubey.

He likes tall buildings up in the blue sky, vast view of the sea. He travels on long roads, the destination is always known. He stands erect like those Pines, his words are acicular but fine. Cinnamon and vanilla fill his allure, smells divine from a mile. White moths, butterflies, fireflies are what attract me. […]

13 Feb 19
Ashes Books & Bobs

Willow Aster started 5,331 Miles as a newsletter story and it is now COMPLETE! 5,331 Miles is releasing on March 3rd. Get ready for an epic friends to lovers story that will give you all the feels! We spent a lifetime chasing firefly dreams Jaxson and I devised a life list when we were kids […]

13 Feb 19
Chasing Fireflies

Ba duba dop Ba du bop, ba duba dopBa du bop, ba duba dop Ba du, yeah-e-yeah “MMMbop represents a frame of time or the futility of life.”–Zac Hanson It reached international success in 1997…with it’s chorus literally a teeny-bop jingle of nonsense. It’s got an upbeat, optimistic sound, and according to one of it’s […]

13 Feb 19
Chasing Fireflies

18 Graduated high school Belgium w/Lulu–it was my first trip without parents Luxembourg w/Semra–the start of our best friendship, first time either of us hosteled Got stranded on the train with nowhere to go, and an almost dead phone–Tobias was my superhero Learned how to live in The Netherlands Ireland & England w/Sem Italy–first time […]

13 Feb 19
Medha Arora

“And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.”- Stephen Chbosky Do you see we’re walking now On our own With the help of hands that steadied us and picked us up With grace and pride, we’re walking now. Leaving behind our world to make our world Ready to explode and leave our marks in […]

11 Feb 19
What I Should Have Said

Author Ken Schrader is visiting for a Two Questions author blog hop. He gives us thoughts about fated mates and slow burn! Q. What’s the UF romance trope you wish would just go away: fated mates a la shifter romance or December/May a la vampire? A. Of the two, I think I’m the most done […]