21 May 19
Live Empowered

It’s about the atmosphere which coffee – and the work that is put in from farm to cup – creates. It’s suddenly more than the consumer just getting a cup and leaving. It is how the consumer begins to understand the story behind that cup.

20 May 19
Wandering The America’s

April 14, 2019 We arrived in the city of Puebla’s very beautiful and extremely busy historic area. We pulled up to our somewhat odd-looking hotel and were disappointed to discover valet parking. I generally am not a fan of valet parking because I don’t like people I don’t know being in/driving our home, I think […]

20 May 19
Suzy Boots

Alright caffeinated movers and shakers, how’s it going? Here’s my definitive list of all the events happening over the Berlin World of Coffee weekend coming this June 6. This is going to include non-coffee focused events as well. We might all love coffee, but it’s probably not ideal or pleasant to be knocking back an Ethiopian […]

20 May 19
A (Musing) Cat

Roll with it. So recently, I’ve started “on bar” at the cafe. Which means, effectively, that I’ve started to make all of the fancy, bourgeoise espresso drinks: in descending order of milk volume: lattes (& mochas), cappucinos (& flat whites), cortados, macchiatos, espressos, and Americanos. What’s that you say? A month and a half ago, […]

18 May 19
I have no idea what I'm doing

I’m trying to wrap my head around the fact that I’m not on vacation. I think I’m trying too hard to straddle two worlds. I’m neither on vacation nor an expat. When we do things similar to the things we would do in the past while traveling, everything feels right. But trying to take care […]

18 May 19
Diamond in the Rough

I love to drink coffee and I think I can’t stand a day without having a cup or two. It’s already vital in my system and daily routine to keep me functioning at work. While I love to sip my instant coffee without the frills and the hassles, it intrigues me how the commercial coffee […]

17 May 19
derek h. miller

I know it is not incredibly novel or surprising, but I love coffee. I love the smell, the warm feeling of the cup in my hand, the way in opens my eyes and wakes up my body each day. I’ve come a long way from my late-night Waffle House coffee-drinking days, but it still remains […]

16 May 19
Modular 4

If I only had a few extra days of vacation and a few extra dollars to spend I know what I’d be visiting in the next couple of weeks. MoMa’s “The Value of Good Design” exhibit that is currently up through June 15th. The video below is a fun two-minute look at some of the […]