18 Jul 19
The Grammatical Nerd

“I had a new employer, they’ve invested in me, they sent me for training, and I made it to the finals,” says James Hoffmann, sporting his unmissable custom-made, tortoise-shell round frames. “Everyone’s looking at me and I’ve just made a dick of myself.” It was the 2005 World Barista Championship, he had just put his […]

17 Jul 19
Newsfile Corp.

(All figures in US Dollars unless otherwise stated) Vancouver, British Columbia–(Newsfile Corp. – July 17, 2019) – Bluestone Resources Inc. (TSXV: BSR) (OTCQB: BBSRF) (“Bluestone” or the “Company”) is pleased to provide a Corporate Update outlining the significant progress achieved over the past two years and key initiatives underway or planned for the remainder of […]

17 Jul 19
Chemical Insight Reports

Global Oilfield Process Chemicals Market Overview The prime objective of the Oilfield Process Chemicals Market report is to help the user understand the market in terms of its definition, segmentation, market potential, influential trends, and the challenges that the market is facing. The report for Oilfield Process Chemicals Market includes broad essential research with the definite investigation […]

16 Jul 19
My Side of Paradise

Food Everyone told me that British food was bland at best and awful on average. I disagree. Like every country, some dishes are better than others. Admittedly, fish and chips — the quintessence of British cuisine to foreigners — is rather dull. Peas, potatoes, carrots, beans, or another vegetable were served with dinner, often boiled […]

13 Jul 19
Aaron's Blog

The Problem. I read too much. That’s a fact. I think reading a lot is healthy, and I wouldn’t cut my habit for the world. It’s a gift. But like most people, I forget to use the things that I learn, so most of what goes into my head disappears into the wonderful chasm of […]

12 Jul 19
The Path Less Travelled

It has been a very busy last few weeks. Almost non-stop in fact. Since leaving Genova we made our way to Athens, Greece and were fortunate that it was smooth sailing. One highlight was passing the Charilaos Trikoupis Bridge also known as the Rio-Antirio Bridge. This is the longest cable span bridge in the world […]