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13 Feb 19
Smart Kitchen Solutions

It’s the fusion of remarkable precision and exceptional style. This Chicago Cutlery Fusion Santoku knife is designed for optimum sharpness and is easy to re-sharpen. A nonslip, cushion-grip handle promotes comfort and safety. And a stainless steel plate at the end of the handle is a stylish finishing touch.

11 Feb 19
Spirited Sidekick

I’ve seen that book on the shelf near Demi Lovato’s book (that I also haven’t purchased) for what feels like years.  I never bought the tidying book because I just don’t have that much stuff – or storage – to have things to tidy – or to read about tidying.  WTF. Lately, however, I kept […]

11 Feb 19
Women’s Shoes

Complete Set of Vintage Chicago Cutlery Chef Knives 42S 201S 100S 47S 78S – Buy – Complete Set of Vintage Chicago Cutlery Chef Knives 42S 201S 100S 47S 78S

08 Feb 19
I Can Bake That!

Did you know that in Sicily pizza is sometimes made with Focaccia bread and is called sfincione? And guess who loves pizza and has a baking challenge theme to catch up on??? Yup, so since I’m playing catch up with the challenge, I have been pondering over what to do for week 1’s re-do theme. […]

08 Feb 19
Edmonton Sun

The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League has called another one up. Betty Dunn (nee Carveth), recently enshrined in the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame, died at age 93 on Jan. 27, and the funeral was held Wednesday at St. Paul’s United across the street from the house she lived in for 70 years. She was […]

07 Feb 19
Robb Report

Qatar Airways’ Qsuite ticket includes the first-ever business-class double bed and stowable privacy panels that give passengers a private room.

06 Feb 19
AREA Chicago Archive

[This text was originally published in AREA Chicago #2 in February 2006] I jumped into the Resource Center’s 10-wheeler as it rounded a corner in Hyde Park, with Program Director Ken Dunn at the helm en-route to his first load of some-thing. I’m riding along to get a sense of what keeps the program going […]

05 Feb 19
Things to do in Toronto

I hadn’t been to Medieval Times Toronto since I was a kid, but the moment the show got going, I remembered why I looked back on the experience so fondly. In many ways it’s billed as one of the Toronto attractions for kids, but I would actually say it should be thought of as one of the […]

02 Feb 19
Smart Kitchen Solutions

You’ll like the feel of this Chicago Cutlery knife in your hand, with its smooth wood handle. And you’ll love its precision. Triple-compression brass rivets give you added safety and stability. And the stainless steel blade resists pitting, staining and rusting. Size: 3″ Professional stainless steel blade Sharpened for precision cutting Contoured handle for comfort […]

01 Feb 19
Smart Kitchen Solutions

The perfect blend of sleek style and precision performance. This 12-piece set boasts high-carbon stainless steel blades & comfort grip poly handles for incredible sharpness, balance & control. Taper Grind® Edge Technology gives each knife a long-lasting edge. The set includes a wide range of knives to cover a large range of food preparation needs. […]

01 Feb 19
Smart Kitchen Solutions

The Chicago Cutlery Essentials 8-Inch Bread Knife makes slicing bread quick and easy. High-carbon stainless steel blades resist rust, stains, and pitting, while Chicago Cutlery’s exclusive 25-degree Taper Grind edge provides optimum sharpness. Triple-riveted, black polymer handles feature an ergonomic grip, giving you complete control while slicing, and adding a modern flair to your kitchen’s […]

30 Jan 19
Chicago Independent Film Critics Circle

Corporate Animals finds a way to hysterically comment on workplace situations during a team-building exercise that just happens to go wrong. The film sucks us in with a commercial for the Incredible Edible Cutlery Company.  The company’s mission is to rid the planet of disposable plastic cutlery.  While it’s not a bad idea in theory, it’s […]

30 Jan 19

A large part of being a real estate agent is zhushing up a space to attract potential buyers. Because of this, many agents keep an accent and furniture inventory to lend to sellers with an open house or listing photo shoot on the calendar. In case you’re wondering, they aren’t super snobby when it comes […]

19 Jan 19
through their eyes

experiencing the flavours of Madurai I think it is time I share some of my first few experiences in the oldest city in India, or as it is nicknamed, the Athens of the East. I have embarked on this journey with only the basics and a few needed luxuries from my family (a multipurpose cutlery […]

25 Jan 19
Smart Kitchen Solutions

This Chicago Cutlery Fusion chef knife is anything but dull – in terms of both style and performance. provides optimum sharpness for precise cutting and makes the knife easy to re-sharpen. A nonslip, soft grip handle promotes comfort and safety. And a stainless steel cap at the end of the handles adds a sleek finishing touch.

24 Jan 19

These days chefs are the new rockstars, people are buying seats at fancy restaurants all around the world to sample elaborate and mind-blowing dishes that are executed with precision! Although we do enjoy a good fancy dining experience, these dinners (and their price tags) do have a way of intimidating the average cook! __________________________________________________________________ SIGN […]