Chocolate Fudge Tart

21 Jan 19

The transition to a keto diet will also be difficult, but this “induction” phase does not need to be! The ketogenic diet has transform the go-to healthy diet for losing weight, managing diabetes, and perhaps preventing and managing conditions such as neurodegenerative diseases and cancer. Each recipe in The Beginner’s KetoDiet Cookbook? is designed to […]

21 Jan 19

Now we’re getting into the candy section! Denmark is flooded with American candies like Skittles and Twix, and with German sweets like Kinder eggs and Haribo gummies, but several Danish sweets are very common — and working hard to earn them a place in the top three happiest countries on the planet. How well are those sweets working?

Pretty darn well.

20 Jan 19
Dressed Up Desserts

Valentine’s Day to me was always cheesy and a holiday that to me was always confusing.  I just didn’t get the whole flowers and chocolates thing, and going out to dinner or a romantic date. I honestly just could not understand the hype. And honestly I still don’t get it BUT that doesn’t mean that […]

19 Jan 19
The Collingswood Wine Club

The Collingswood wine club had the pleasure of dining at Denim.  Denim is located 312 Kresson Rd, Cherry Hill NJ. It was formally the Farmhouse.  Denim classifies itself as an American Bistro.  The inside is straight lines, clean and bright.  They seem to have the noise level under control, which was a big down fall […]

16 Jan 19
Food Covolution

At Backhaus & Co, Fargo Village, Far Gosford Street, Coventry CV1 5ED on Monday 18th, Wednesday 20th and Friday 22nd February, 10am-2pm each day Suitable for parents and children aged 5+, this sounds like a riot of half-term fun! From the Backhaus & Co website: “Make baking a family affair this half term. Bring yourself […]

15 Jan 19
The Denver Post
Has the fro-yo-ification of hummus reached its peak, or has it only just begun? It started with chocolate hummus, but now that’s the tamest flavor on the market. Suddenly we have snickerdoodle and red velvet hummus, strawberry, cherry and mango. Sprinkles, hot fudge and a whipped cream topping are not too far off, it seems. Hummus is ancient and beloved, but people didn’t begin making it sweet until the late 2000s. The concept of dessert hummus is pretty odd, at first glance: Chickpeas aren’t exactly a neutral flavor (See: yogurt), and it takes a lot of sugar to mask their taste. But the quest for “healthy” dessert is eternal, and somewhere, a marketing genius decided it could be a good way to sneak some protein into your diet. If you close your eyes, you could almost trick yourself into believing it was pudding. It’s becoming a big business, too: Delighted By, one of the pioneers in packaged dessert hummus, earned a $600,000 investment from Mark Cuban on “Shark Tank.” Bigger brands are getting in the game too, with Tribe, Boar’s Head and Lantana introducing flavors that range from mint chocolate to blueberry to pumpkin spice. Hummus milkshakes are on the menu at the Hummus & Pita Co. in New York. Some trendspotters have put dessert hummus on their list of foods that will be big in 2019. But even as more chocolate hummus hits the grocery store shelves, you’ll find a lot of people who aren’t super enthused about a simple chocolate bean dip. Some say dessert hummus is cultural appropriation, because it imposes American flavors on a traditional Middle Eastern dish, substantially changing the way it is eaten. [related_articles location=”left” show_article_date=”false” article_type=”automatic-primary-section”] “To say ‘hey, let’s make a pudding and call it hummus because hummus is kind of trendy right now’ is to exert the tyranny of marketing on a product that has little or no relation to the real thing,” wrote Liel Leibovitz in Tablet, a Jewish cultural magazine. “It’s just in bad taste.” Others think it’s just gross. Dessert hummus is not a thing in Israel, where the newspaper Haaretz scoffed at the concept. “No matter how you look at it, the idea of sweet hummus didn’t quite sit right with me, and the combination of mashed chickpeas and chocolate seemed hopeless,” wrote Haim Handwerker, who pointed out how much Americans like sweets compared to other cultures. “A number of Israelis in New York say the idea of chocolate hummus is totally ridiculous.” It is ridiculous. But it’s not all bad, exactly. In its best-case scenario, dessert hummus tastes like a particularly fibrous pudding — a concept that still sounds rather unappealing. Our favorite, the Delighted By vanilla bean hummus, could work as a dip for pretzels or spread on a graham cracker for a treat. The problem with some of the other flavors, though, was that they either couldn’t cover up the chickpea flavor, or they overcompensated for it. The strawberry and mango hummus, both by Lantana, were surprisingly tart, but not in a good way. They come in pretty colors, at least. While dessert hummus brands have made fans of moms trying to trick their kids into eating healthy junk food, they haven’t been well-received by food media. “Let’s banish dessert hummus from the planet,” Thrillist’s Khushbu Shah. wrote. Bon Appétit even put it on its list of food trends that need to go away in 2019. Wrote Alex Beggs: “If I attend a party where there’s a bowl of pretzels next to some hummus and it turns out to be cinnamon-sugar flavored – I’m going to call the police.” Journalism doesn’t grow on trees. Please support The Denver Post. Become a subscriber for only 99 cents for the first month.
15 Jan 19
News Time Global

Has the fro-yo-ification of hummus reached its peak, or has it only just begun? It started with chocolate hummus, but now that’s the tamest flavor on the market. Suddenly we have snickerdoodle and red velvet hummus, strawberry, cherry and mango. Sprinkles, hot fudge and a whipped cream topping are not too far off, it seems.

14 Jan 19
One Bite Vegan

Peganism. It’s seriously a thing! This mashup of a vegan and paleo diet has been around since 2015 and it’s quickly gaining popularity.

14 Jan 19
The Rooted Nutritionist

I’ve been on a peanut butter kick lately. Honestly, you can blame my better half for this, peanut butter is kind of his thing. He tasked me with creating a sugar free peanut butter cup so we worked together on this one. These beauties have got the best of both worlds; sweet, fudge-like chocolate with […]

12 Jan 19
Yeastus of Nazareth

Review #186 – Aberfeldy 12 Year Old, sampled in 2012, bottled at 40%ABV (YoN Score: 82/100) Nose: Granny Smith apples, fresh barley, honeysuckle, vanilla, delicate oak, white pepper, and gala melon.  Very fresh and light on the nose. Palate: light-medium bodied with a similar profile to the nose.  Elderflower, barley water, natural vanilla, royal icing, […]

12 Jan 19

I was toying with the idea of whether or not I should bake this week. Monday was out as it was the first Monday of the first full week back to work and I needed to focus on self-care. Tuesday I had plans. Wednesday my self-care turned more toward self-carelessness as I essentially didn’t move […]

10 Jan 19

Looking at other folks blogs is really just a reminder of just how much work I need to do! But on we press, no excuses! I’ll learn as a I go I suppose. So in a moment of inspiration, and in my initial attempt at making a “bakery worthy’ cake from scratch, I got it […]

10 Jan 19
Gleason Family Adventure

How do you warm up on a cold, blustery winter day? Does warming your bones with a warm and delicious cup of cocoa sound delightful? Dublin, Ohio offers some perfect locations to give you that warm fuzzy winter feeling you are longing for in a mug!