Chung Shi

24 Jan 19

Detalles ESTE DRAMA ESTA EN EMISIÓN Título: 복수가 돌아왔다 / Boksooga Dolawadda Título en inglés: My Strange Hero También conocido como: Revenge is Back; Bok Soo’s Back; Revenge Has Returned; Revenge Returns. Género: Drama, Romance, Comedia, Misterio Episodios: 32 Cadena: SBS Período de emisión: 10-Diciembre-2018 al 04-Febrero-2019 Horario: Lunes y Martes 22:00 (35 minutos cada uno / 2 episodios por día) Banda sonora: My […]

20 Jan 19

[Events] 830am & 11am, Guest Speaker Rev Ham Do Keun (Korea) at Trinity@Paya Lebar Christian Centre 247 Paya Lebar Road 10am-10pm, 99% SME Carnival by SingTel at Our Tampines Hub 10am-10pm, Largest World Snack Fair 2019 at Singapore Expo Hall 5B World Social Gathering Cosplay Competition 11am-12pm, Meet and Greet Lawrence Hiew at Stip’s Chips […]

19 Jan 19
Kdrama Crazy

Korean Drama “Blessings of the sea” also called “The Dragon King Protects” released on January 14, 2019. Synopsis “Blessings of the sea” tells the love story of bright and attractive Sim Chung-Yi (Lee So Yun) who sees world as full of colours and a highly skilled pianist Ma Poong-Do (Jae Hee) who sees the world […]

18 Jan 19

The biggest barrier to our understanding of the truth is our mental preconditioning. When we try to find the reasons for certain issue, we try to understand the truth through the lens of our personal past experiences, our world view, our belief about morality and what we wish to be true. And this put us in the position where we are more interested in picking and choosing those parts of reality that fit with our world view and discarding those that do not. We are arrogant and judgmental. We choose to be imprisoned in years of misconceptions and stereotypes.

16 Jan 19
Carina in Korea

I was inspired to write about this topic by my trip to the National Museum of Korea the weekend before last. In the extensive exhibit on the Joseon Dynasty, I saw a panel about the Donghak (동학) academic movement. One of the artifacts was a government order suppressing its followers. Another was one of founder […]

14 Jan 19
Truly Tara

What did you do in Taiwan? We ate… a lot! Milk tea? Fuelled by them! Hah! Food tourism is definitely bustling there. Some, from what we originally planned, we weren’t able to try due to challenges with our baby but that didn’t stop us from our food trip. Anyhow, I’ll cut to the chase & […]

10 Jan 19
The Leong Family Tree

The Liang Family and Clan HistoryThe Liang  family name has been in existence for approximately 2600 years. The first Liang was Liang Kang Hou who was the ruler of the State of Liang, a small city-state based in the city of Shaoliang 少梁 (also known as Xiayang 夏阳) in eastern Shaanxi, on the border between Qin and Jin […]